10 benefits of buying your meat and other groceries online

10 benefits of buying your meat and other groceries online

These days we can buy everything online, from fashion and furniture to the latest tech. What we’re less accustomed to is buying our essentials on the internet – but this is rapidly changing. Online grocery shopping has become increasingly popular in recent times, with the amount of UK consumers buying food online having doubled since the coronavirus lockdown alone. At a time when contact-free shopping and convenience are priorities this comes as no surprise, but millions of British people now wouldn’t go back to the way they shopped before, having realised the many additional benefits of online grocery shopping.

As well as doing your typical supermarket shop online, you can also branch out further and discover a wider range of fresh, high-quality produce. Online butchers are a great choice for premium cuts of meat, allowing you to cook fresh, tasty meals for the family with the finest ingredients.

If you’re still unsure about abandoning your traditional weekly food shop, take a look at these benefits of buying meat and other groceries online

It saves time

There’s no doubt that shopping for your groceries online is quicker, taking into account the return trip to the supermarket as well as all that time spend traipsing up and down aisles. How often do you near the till before you realise you’ve forgotten milk and have to go back across the shop to grab some, or discover you missed pasta off your list once you’re already at the frozen section? When you’re shopping online, you don’t have to worry about any of this, as you can find anything you need in a couple of clicks.

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10 benefits of buying your meat and other groceries online

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Shopping online for your groceries also means you can avoid making multiple trips, as you’re given some time after you’ve placed your order to make changes to your shopping cart. If you’re always forgetting one or two items and have to trek back to the store, this is a handy feature that will save you the extra time and effort.

It’s convenient

Doing your grocery shopping online means you can browse whenever is convenient, whether that’s at 4pm or 2’o’clock in the morning. Online grocery shopping is easy to fit around your other commitments and takes away the stress of rushing to the shops before they close. You also have the added benefit of receiving your food and drink directly to your door, at a pre-arranged time that works for you.

It helps you manage your spending

One of the great benefits of shopping online is that you can easily keep track of the amount you’re spending, and if you go over budget it’s simple to amend your order before you check out. Unless you’re super organised and a bit of a maths whizz, doing a physical food shop can make it difficult to keep track of your spending and often involves some impulse buying, which makes it tricky to budget successfully.

Buying meat from online butchers also helps curb your spending, with high-quality cuts available at competitive prices. For a similar price to what you’d spend at the supermarket or a high-street butcher, you’ll notice a huge difference in the quality and taste of the meat you buy, making it a really cost-effective option.

It’s easier to find deals

Another way that online grocery shopping helps you save money is by making it easier to shop around and to see what deals are available. When buying meat online, for example, you can easily compare between different online butchers to get the best price. When doing an online grocery shop with a supermarket, it’s easy to see what’s on offer, with promotions and discounts clearly marked to help you get more for your money. As long as you don’t stray into impulse buying and only take advantage of deals to help you save, this is a really useful feature and ensures you don’t miss out on some great savings.

It’s easier to plan your meals

Doing your grocery shopping online makes it easier to stick to a plan, allowing you to shop with set meals in mind rather than getting tempted by items you don’t need. Whether you plan all your meals a week in advance or decide on them as you shop, online grocery shopping gives you time to think about the ingredients you need and consider what you’d like to eat, rather than rushing around the aisles and picking things up in a panic. That it’s easier to plan meals also means it’s less of a challenge to eat healthily and stick to a budget, so it’s a win-win!

You can shop by history

Imagine if every time you went to your local supermarket, your go-to products were already waiting for you in your trolley. When you move your grocery shopping online, this can be a reality, with access to past orders and an option to select products you’ve previously purchased. This is especially convenient when purchasing those essential items that you buy week in, week out, saving you a lot of time.

There’s more choice

When it comes to products, shopping with your usual grocery store online is much the same as it would be in person, as you’ll typically be choosing from the same range of stock. Shopping with other online grocers such as butchers, however, gives you a much wider range of options to choose from.

Not only is online meat delivery cheaper than shopping on the high street, but you can enjoy access to a fantastic range of premium meats in just a few clicks. If you usually buy your meat at the supermarket, you’re only a given a limited range of bestselling produce to choose from, but online butchers are able to offer a great selection of meat boxes containing speciality cuts and less commonly found meats, helping you get adventurous in the kitchen.

It’s better quality

When you buy meat online, another key benefit is the improvement in quality and taste. Shopping with an online butcher means you’re guaranteed to receive only the freshest and finest quality meat sourced from small local farms, allowing you to enjoy restaurant-quality cuts of meat at home. High quality meat is more nutritious, has a deeper flavour and offers a fuller taste experience.

Transparency & traceability

Taking your online grocery shopping one step further than supermarket purchases can give you a much better idea of where the produce you’re buying has come from. Another benefit of buying meat online is that reputable online butchers pride themselves on their transparency and traceable supply chains, being open and honest with their customers about how their businesses are run and exactly how the meat has gone from farm to fork. The best online butchers work with small local farms to produce sustainably and ethically produced meat, giving you confidence in the provenance of any produce you buy.

Delivery direct to your door

Whether you buy groceries online with a supermarket, an online butcher or both, you’ll benefit from having exactly what you need delivered directly to your door. Shopping from your sofa with a delivery time you’ve picked out yourself – you can’t get more convenient than that

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