3 Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions to Avoid

3 Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions to Avoid

Whether you have a carpet cover in your residential property or office, you need to understand the benefits of proper cleaning. One of the most important reasons you need to consider looking for carpet cleaning services is that it can help to improve your health. How does that work?

A dirty carpet has a lot of dust and allergens, which may find their way into the breathing air and cause respiratory complications and allergic reactions. Professional carpet cleaners like Clean Focus use water with high temperatures to get rid of the allergens and leave the surfaces sanitized.

The exercise ensures complete removal of bacteria and debris from carpets. Some people opt for vacuuming rather than hiring a carpet cleaning service. Vacuuming only eliminates the surface dirt. Therefore, dirt that is embedded within the fibres stay there and require professional services. You would want to ensure your carpet lasts long.

One of the ways of extending the lifespan of your carpet is proper cleaning. Accumulation of dirt and debris results in splitting and deterioration in the long run. Removing the dirt will ensure the longevity of your carpet. Professional cleaning services use effective products to maintain the carpets in pristine condition. Here are the three common misconceptions about carpet cleaning:

Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Costly

Many people believe that cleaning carpets is expensive. The quality and cost of services vary from one provider to another. Therefore, you need to go for companies that offer top-notch services at fair rates. A cleaning firm should ensure transparency in pricing. There should be no hidden costs after providing services.

The charges may reflect the quality of services to some degree. To get excellent services, the choice of equipment, the experience of the cleaners, and cleaning solutions used are vital. With these considerations, you will get value for your money. The total costs will depend on several factors.

First, cleaning companies will consider the sizes and number of rooms that need cleaning. The work doesn’t always involve a single room. It may be an entire building. Other than price estimation, this also helps in time estimation. Another crucial consideration is the carpet material. The material determines the ideal cleaning method for your carpet.

Vacuuming Can Ruin Carpets

There’s no doubt that vacuuming is an effective carpet cleaning method. Some people believe that the use of the equipment can be detrimental to the carpets. This is true in the event of overuse. With proper usage of your vacuum, you will not need to worry about that. The accumulation of dirt and debris on the fibres may be much worse.

If you have installed a new carpet in your new house and you have the manufacturer’s manual, read it and follow all the guidelines. Note that you can void the product warranty if you fail to adhere to the recommended practices. Avoid waiting until there’s too much dirt on the carpet to vacuum it. Proper and regular vacuuming will benefit your carpet instead of damaging it. Failure to clean it regularly will cause more harm.

Cheap Services Are Better

There are many reasons you should avoid going to cheap carpet cleaning services. First, cleaning companies with low charges tend to use substandard and harmful products. Other than ruining your carpet, you will not get value for your money if such cleaning solutions are used.

Secondly, cheap services usually skip a test run. This is one of the most crucial considerations when looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company. A test run ensures your carpet cover has adequate time to respond to cleaning solutions used. Too many chemicals can damage your carpet.

When you go for cheap services, their technicians may scrub the carpet surfaces hurriedly without taking the proper procedures. If this happens, dirt and debris may scatter across the surfaces. Professional cleaning companies are aware of the blotting process.

Additionally, such firms believe carpet cleaning only involves the carpet. Therefore, they will not take care of your furniture during the exercise. Since furniture is placed on top of the carpet, poor cleaning practices will damage it. A professional cleaner knows that the furniture should also be taken care of while doing their work.

Finally, now you understand the need to go for professional carpet cleaning services. Our company specializes in cleaning services, including carpet cleaning and will offer the help you need.

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