3 Malocclusions that Mums Can Correct at Home

3 Malocclusions that Mums Can Correct at Home

Malocclusions or asymmetrical teeth and jaw formations can be a real nuisance and sometimes, a health hazard for a number of reasons, even after you grow up. That slight overjet you have can lead to all kinds of oral and even general health issues, which range from halitosis and toothache to gum disease, bone loss and even adult malnutrition. Because of this, it’s definitely worth having some straightening work done.

Nowadays, a number of malocclusions can be corrected without even having to visit a dentist or orthodontist personally. That is not just extremely convenient at any point of time, but it’s particularly appropriate under the current situation that we are all forced into. On top of that, at-home teeth straightening kits are much more affordable, due to the fact that you don’t have to visit an orthodontist to have the braces fitted. Stay with us as we explore and explain some of the many malocclusions which home-delivered invisible braces can help mums with.

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Open Bite

An open bite would be the diagnosis when there is a gap between the patient’s upper and lower set of teeth. In other words, there should be an opening in the bite. This affects your smile, but can also make it problematic to chew food properly, and particularly difficult to bite into food. Clear aligners, aka invisible braces, can fix an open bite by slowly closing the gap in between the two sets of teeth.


A crossbite is easily identified by checking whether some of the patient’s upper teeth are resting inside or behind their counterpart in the lower set. A crossbite can be minor, moderate or severe, depending on how many teeth from the upper set is resting behind the lower set of teeth. Also, the severity will be decided based on how bent the problematic tooth/teeth is/are. General issues associated with a crossbite are:

  • Receding gums
  • Chipped tooth/teeth
  • Notched gumlines
  • Gum disease (periodontitis) and bone loss    

As crossbites have a chance of becoming quite severe, proper, timely action is essential to prevent advanced issues such as gum disease and loss of bone mass. Thankfully, invisible braces from Straight My Teeth are capable of correcting mild to moderate cases of crossbites quite successfully. This site has info on clear braces, so do check with them first to know whether your particular case can be handled by at-home clear aligners or a visit to the orthodontist will indeed be necessary. You will also have a clear idea regarding the clear brace cost UK based patients are charged for this particular service, which even includes a teeth whitening kit. Straight My Teeth has a payment plan going at the moment to make their invisible braces surprisingly affordable, even though their home-delivered clear aligners are already quite affordable to begin with.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are a common effect seen when the milk teeth do not fall out as they should, and the permanent set of teeth grows abnormally and asymmetrically as a result of that. It is one of those conditions which can lead to multiple other malocclusions as a result. Patients with crowded teeth will often have signs of crossbite, crooked teeth, overbite, twisted teeth and bent teeth simultaneously. Toothache, problems with chewing, speech impediments, halitosis, tooth decay, periodontitis, etc. can all originate from the original condition if the misalignment is serious enough.

As should be obvious, it is one of the more severe conditions to deal with for both patients and orthodontists, especially adults with hard set malocclusions. In most cases, invisible braces can effectively treat crowded teeth, but additional help from a dentist might be required if extracting the remaining milk teeth is a possibility or a necessity. Sometimes, crowded teeth are a condition that has little to do with milk teeth not falling out, and in such cases, home-delivered invisible braces are highly successful in providing results within a fairly short amount of time. It really depends on how severe the overcrowding problem is.

The examples here are only supposed to serve as an introduction to the various types of crooked teeth and misaligned smiles which home-delivered teeth straightening kits can easily handle. As it happens, unless someone has a particularly severe case, most of the other malocclusions not mentioned here can also be corrected by at-home invisible braces.

Nevertheless, you will need to confirm it before ordering a set of clear braces or aligner for at-home use. That should not be an issue at all since a through discussion and medical introspection into your oral issues will be a part of the whole process by default. Just know that there are limitations to what home-delivered invisible braces can do, and a visit to the orthodontist’s clinic might be unavoidable in extreme cases to avoid health complications.

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