5 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Do the School Run

5 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Do the School Run

Every parent wants their child to get a good education but, when you’re faced with the school run, even home-schooling seems like a good idea. Dropping your kids at school or picking them up may sound deceptively simple but experienced parents know just how soul-destroying it can be. To get a glimpse of what it entails, take a look at these five things you’ll only understand if you do the school run:

1. One Way Systems are Ineffective

In a bid to beat congestion, many schools have implemented one-way systems on surrounding roads. Despite this, there will be at least one parent who merrily ignores the system completely, despite the tide of cars coming towards them. It only takes one driver to mess the whole thing up, so expect traffic chaos every morning and afternoon.

2. Your Kid Will Try and Go Home with Someone Else

If you think standing at the school gates is enough to ensure your kid makes it home without incident, think again. No matter how distinctive you make your car – decals, a private number plate, neon lights – they’ll inadvertently attempt to get into someone else’s car at least once. If you’re lucky, the driver will realise they’ve got the wrong child before making it all the way home.

3. Snacks are Essential

You might only live a five-minute drive from your child’s school but this doesn’t negate the need for snacks. As soon as your child settles themselves in the car, they’ll announce they’re starving. And woe betide the parent who doesn’t come equipped with a selection of snacks and drinks. To save your sanity, you’ll need to keep your glovebox stocked with an array of options at all times.

4. Your Car Will Never Be Clean

For some reason, the school run seems to ensure that the inside of your car will never be completely clean again. As well as being overrun by blazers, book bags and the odd trainer, you’ll find crumbs, pens, half-eaten packets of crisps and PE kits stuffed under seats and wedged between door cards. However, the chaos can come in handy if you forget to arrive with snacks on hand as you could probably rustle up a three-course meal from the detritus that litters your vehicle.

5. You Aren’t Required to Speak

Your kids might be happy to see you when they come running out of primary school but if you’re dropping kids at secondary school, you definitely aren’t required to speak while doing the school run. In fact, it’s actively discouraged.

No matter how old your kids get or how many times you do the school run, it’s never going to come naturally to anyone. Despite having the same routine day after day… after day, you’ll inevitably end up rushing out of the door every morning, hoping your children have everything they need (spoiler: they don’t). While doing the school run is never fun, just remind yourself that, at least you’re not home-schooling, and it suddenly seems a whole lot easier!

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