5 Tips to Win at Wordle

5 Tips to Win at Wordle

Humans are definitely getting smarter with time; however, the issue is that word games like Wordle are also getting tougher. A five-letter word doesn’t sound too tricky. In fact, it is pretty short, but unfortunately, the answers aren’t as obvious. If you are struggling with ways to win at Wordle, this guide is just for you! 

There are approximately 12,500 five-letter words in the English language; this means you have just as many, if not more, opportunities to win this seemingly tricky game. Wordle has undoubtedly become an obsession for millions around the world. There are even “cheat-sheet” versions online that official Appstore managers have to remove constantly. 

Wordle, The New Obsession

Wordle is a fun and exciting word game with daily new challenges. It asks players to guess five-letter words in six rounds or fewer. The vaster your vocabulary is, the greater are the chances of you winning. Once you enter your guess, Wordle tells you which words are correct and rightly placed with a green highlight. Correct letters with wrong placing are highlighted with yellow. 

You can eliminate incorrect letters and replace them with the right ones in the progressive rounds using the highlighter color information. But don’t forget, you have to come up with the right word within a time limit. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Don’t worry! We will share five excellent tips with you to win the Wordle word count in the next section. 

5 Tips to Win at Wordle 

Here are five tips to up your Wordle game:

Use Vowels 

The total number of words without vowels is much lesser than the number of words with vowels in the English language. The vowels a, e, i, o, and u often make the opening or ending sound of a word. Thus, starting or perpetually using vowels is a good idea. 

Other than the vowels, some alphabets like ‘Y’ are also safe options. If not part of the correct word, vowels will definitely help you build the Wordle quicker. 

Common Letters

Start your guesses with five-letter words that have common letters in them. For instance, ‘rates’ has more common letters than ‘epoxy.’ Similarly, ‘cloud’ is another word that can help you reach the right word quicker. Remember that you are looking for five-letter words so alternatively, an easy way is to use a 5 letter word finder to quickly make the right guess.

Choose a few five-letters English language words and use them in every Wordle word field to make an accurate guess. Such a smart approach will help you eliminate wrong words much faster. Therefore, focusing on the common letter frequency should be a significant part of your winning strategy. 

Avoid Repeating 

Words like ‘feed’ and ‘keep’ are certainly pretty common; however, using them when you have limited time and options is not really a good idea. Don’t waste a precious spot on words with duplicate letters unless you truly have to. 

Some Wordle answers surely feature double letters but don’t use your early turns on them. For example, ‘ll’ in ‘hello’ means you have one lesser chance to guess the right word. 

Plan and Strategize 

Do not rush when playing Wordle; it is a strategic game akin to chess. Although initially, you will want to hurry up, gradually, you will realize taking some time to think of your next move is really the trick. Don’t just put in letters in reaction to the last wrong move. Instead, have patience, think strategically, look at the correct alphabet highlighted green, and play your next move accordingly. 

Attention to Results 

While it may seem like Wordle is trying to make you lose, it is really just helping you. Pay attention to what Wordle tells you about your guesses, as there is no better help than the game itself. A full word’s construction can depend on even just one letter or its placement. Therefore, ensure you make moves keeping in mind the results. Moreover, make every turn count since there are no free turns. 


To sum it up, the trick to winning any Wordle game is a vast vocabulary and determination to win. Also, remember it will take some time till you become a pro at it. So, don’t give up, even if you keep repeatedly making incorrect guesses. You got this!

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