SO NOW we’ve got that out of the way, we can admit that there are many moments during these child rearing and bearing years where we want to swig the bloody wine, scream into a pillow and sleep like you have taken a thousand valium. And it is bloody okay, OKAY, to say that out loud except most of the time you might find that at best, your audience raise their eyebrows, and at worst you get the full ‘Mummy Vomit’ – you SO know what I mean; the sickeningly sweet, Disney-esque, Don’t-You-Dare-Look-Ungrateful version of motherhood and parenting shoved right up your poor old hoo-ha (more of that, later. Probably in the Forum. And probably your first post.)

From personal experience of the ‘Mum Vom’,  The Motherload was born out of the ashes of PND and a desperate need to vent when the going got tough by Kate Dyson. Originally a Facebook group, it grew from 8 to 2000 members within six months – a membership connected by the desire to discuss the reality of motherhood, find non-judgemental support and quite frankly, a ridiculous amount of laughs, especially in those early, bleary, WHAT THE FUCK IS MY NAME, feeding hours.

With a brilliant team – Alison McGarragh-Murphy, Laura Bennett, Anna-Belle Cao  (all original, trusted, They Get It members) The Motherload Ltd was created and the website doo-dah’d (Look, I know. But that is Laura’s field of expertise, alright?) and before we knew it, the site was launching and we were off and it was all very exciting so let’s just say – it was the new dawn of The Motherload.

Grab a glass of wine, a piece of cake, a hunk of cheese and a salad onion – whatever floats your boat, and get stuck in. Our Forum community is brilliant for irreverent, brain fogged chat, or support through those I’ve NO IDEA what I am DOING moments. Catch up on our brilliant contributor blogs, or knock yourself out with one of our, AHEM, challenging quizzes. The Motherload Store & Directory is a lovely way to not only support a MOLO, but also find a unique gift, get some help with your own business, or just buy a lovely new outfit for that next baby that your biological clock is apparently desperate that you have, because let’s face it, as mothers we are nothing if not a dichotomy. One thing not to miss is our subscriber button; our Round Up Newsletter pairs perfectly with a lukewarm mug of shit coffee in the morning after a couple of hours sleep. We won’t be held responsible for the absent-minded, mildly psychotic consumption of biscuits while browsing. Enjoy!

(Ray Mears – we apologise. It wasn’t personal.)

We Are The Motherload.

Meet The Team

Kate Dyson

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Laura Bennett

Chief Technical Officer, Partner

Alison McGarragh-Murphy

Chief of Creative Content, Partner

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