Created in June 2015, The Motherload® started life as a Facebook Group with eight of Kate’s ‘mum friends’, sharing the highs and lows of motherhood in a safe, non-judgemental way and with a large dollop of wry humour.

Five years later, The Motherload® is now a group of nearly 100,000 women – collectively coming together to share parenting experiences and knowledge, acts of kindness, and candid, witty posts of the hilarious shit kids do. Our members identify as a tribe – called MOLOs (MOtherLOaders) – a moniker they came up with themselves but which now represents an inclusive ‘club’ for women.

The Ultimate Anti-Sanctimommy Community

Through wit and warmth, The Motherload® is the anti-sanctimommy community; a place to discuss your worst fears of parenting whilst also celebrating the utter, unbridled joy that raising children can offer – and we GET it when you’ve just lost your rag again because quite frankly, this is one of the most stressful roles you’ll ever hold.

On the flip side, as MOLOs we’ll stand shoulder to shoulder to offer support when it really matters. Our members regularly extend acts of kindness to each other, and seek to support each other on, and off our community group.

Our Website

On our website, we are proud to share witty ripostes, or truthful, heartfelt articles to share what motherhood truly means. We don’t shy away from controversial or sensitive topics, and we face motherhood – the motherload of motherhood, face on. At our core, we are feminists and we proudly celebrate women, and the challenges and successes of our female-orientated community.

Proudly non-judgemental, supportive and candid, The Motherload® seeks to offer an inclusive network and community for all women, but especially mothers through social media, and our website.

You’ve found our website, now come and join us on Facebook – see you there!