Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About Face Masks

Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About Face Masks

The Government are expected to announce today (Tuesday 14 July) that from 24 July, all shoppers in England will be expected to wear a face covering, or mask, when out shopping, and anyone who doesn’t comply with the mandate could be fined up to £100.

Enforcement will be managed by the police, but shop workers are expected to encourage the policy and the announcement comes just days after Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister, announced similar measures for Scotland shoppers on Friday.

This latest move from the government is in addition to the mandate for those travelling on public transport to wear masks; which came into effect on 15 June.

There has been significant debate over the use of face masks and their role in the prevention of Coronavirus, but it seems that the Prime Minister has bowed to pressure from the public and Health officials and is expected to make the ruling today.

The Science of Face Coverings

With so much confusion over whether or not they are effective, what does the science say about the use of face coverings?

The evidence of face masks in the prevention of the spread of infection is ‘marginal but positive’ according to the SAGE committee, who are advising the government. However, a study by Cambridge University has shown that face coverings can significantly reduce the spread of infection and could even prevent a second wave.

Researchers concluded that even homemade masks could greatly reduce the transmission effects if worn by the majority of people, especially of those who are unknowingly infected.

Can I make my own?

Yes, you can. The government have provided details here on their website and there’s a handy video here from This Morning:

So where can you buy face masks from?

We have a number of members of The Motherload® who are making face masks and so we hope these links are useful. Please note, these are not medical grade and should be treated as face coverings only.

Alice’s Anthology of Crafts

Alice is a self confessed fabric maniac and these masks are lovely! Prices between £3.50 and £1.50, postage across the UK.

Sarah’s Sew Meant To Be Dreaming

Sarah has a range of lovely items but her face masks are three layers, with a pocket for a filter. Message via her Facebook Page for details and prices.

Jolien’s For Love Crafts

Jolien is whipping up a storm on her Facebook page and making face coverings while donating 15% of all sales to the NSPCC. Prices start from £5.50 and she can supply hand gel too.

Grace’s Little Ace’s Clothing

Grace is feverishly making masks for all on her Facebook page and will be uploading them onto her website today to make ordering even easier. Face masks available from £7 for adults, and £5 for children – and her prices only cover her costs.

Anya’s Oh So Lovely Store

Over on Etsy, Anya is selling washable, double or triple sided 100% cotton Liberty face masks. She can source most Liberty prints and they can be made with a variety of options: filter pocket, adjustable ties, elastic hoops or even a head band for glasses wearers. Prices from £15.00.

Jen’s Seasonal Crafts

Jen is making face masks from a variety of lovely fabrics, and can offer 2ply or 3ply options. Prices start from just £2 for the 2ply, and she can send 4 or 5 masks out to you for just £2 P&P.

For more information and updates from the government on Coronavirus, see their portal here:

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