Freelance Career Ideas For Working Moms

Freelance Career Ideas For Working Moms

When you have a child, your world can turn completely upside down. No longer do you have the leisure of spending your days as you please, instead, you have to fit your plans around that of your child. You need to figure out who will do the school pick-up and whether or not you can be home to put them to bed in the evening. There is always the option of getting a nanny, but if you don’t want this, then you need a career that will offer flexibility to fit around your family life. Luckily, one of the best things you can do when you are a working mom is to become freelance. This can feel tricky at first, but once you have built up a regular roster of clients, it is a great choice to offer you the best of both worlds. Try and think of skills that you have from your old job that you can apply to working for yourself. It might be that you used to be an accountant, a marketer, or a web developer and you learned valuable skills that you can use as a web developer. Here are some top freelance career ideas for working moms.

A freelance web developer

Perhaps you were in the web industry prior to becoming freelance, or maybe it is something you have always had a passion for. No matter the reason, being a freelance web developer is a fantastic freelance career idea. With this career path, you will be in charge of pitching website ideas out to clients and making new websites for them. This could be jazzing up old ones or creating something new entirely from scratch. It’s important for you to be aware of things such as SEO, cyber security awareness, and the more technical aspects of websites. You could design from templates such as those for WordPress, or learn to code.

A freelance writer

A freelance writer is another brilliant career for working moms as you can fit this completely around your schedule – providing you get work in by the deadline. There are many different aspects that come with being a freelance writer and you can end up writing about a plethora of different things in different fields. It might be that you decide to be a technical SEO writer, a fashion writer, or focus on an area such as beauty or fitness. You could do content for websites and newsletters, or social media writing. If you prefer something a bit more casual, blog writing can also be a good choice depending on who you write for.

A photographer

If you are an excellent photographer, then why not turn this into your main career? Even if you are a bit rusty, there are many courses you can go on to help brush up on your photography skills such as learning the aperture and SEO! As a freelance photographer you will need to learn to discover your niche. Do you want to photograph things such as weddings? The main aspect with this is that you have a lot of pressure and can’t retake shots. Maybe you want to photograph studio items and still life? Or perhaps interiors? The choice is yours!

A tutor

If you excel in a particular topic or if you used to be a teacher, why not consider becoming a tutor? This is a great way to put your skills to use and to help other children with their studies. It also is guaranteed to fit around the school hours and holidays, meaning you don’t need to worry about childcare for your own child. You can tutor in any topic out there, from maths and English to science and music. Ensure you get all the relevant checks done and paperwork required when it comes to teaching and looking after children. There are also some courses you can do if you are looking to refresh your skills in a certain area, or want to know the best way to tutor someone.

These are just a few great freelance career ideas for working moms. Once you have got into the swing of working for yourself, you can enjoy flexible hours where you don’t have to miss any aspects of your children growing up as well as the ability to earn more money when you need to. What are some top freelance career ideas that you have? Are you a freelancer already? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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