How can you get grass-fed quality meat without having to go to the butchers?

How can you get grass-fed quality meat without having to go to the butchers?

Grass-fed quality meat is better for the consumer, the animal, and the environment, but how can you get it without taking a trip to your local butcher?

There’s nothing quite like cooking with proper butcher’s meat. Packed with plenty of flavour, proper cuts of quality meat always make for the best meals, and sometimes shopping at your local chain supermarket doesn’t quite hit the mark in the same way.

But not all of us can commit the time or distance to a regular butcher’s trip, especially when you rely on the supermarket for everything else. Thankfully, there are options that allow you to enjoy high quality grass-fed meat in every meal without even having to leave the house, thanks to meat delivery. In our current age of uncertainty and health concerns, this is more valuable than ever.

But what are the benefits of grass-fed meat, and how can you get it delivered straight to your door? We’re here to tell you.

What is so good about grass-fed quality meat?

When researching the best meat, you may come across the phrases ‘grass-fed’ and ‘grain-fed’. These refer to the kind of diet livestock are fed, as well as the kind of lifestyle they enjoy.

Animals raised on a grain-fed diet typically enjoy less exercise and open space. What’s more, this high-energy grain diet contains fewer vitamins and minerals, resulting in generally poorer quality meat which has less nutritional value.

Conversely, animals raised over a longer period of time, on a diet of grass and herbs, free of pesticides and other chemicals, are healthy, happy creatures. This ultimately translates over to better tasting meat, infused with all the vitamins and minerals their complex digestive systems can draw from a natural diet.

Pasture animals also benefit the local ecology. Pasturelands and meadows may be home to up to 150 species of flora, which supports a huge variety of insects that, in turn, provide food for small animals like birds and rodents. If these invaluable areas are ploughed and sprayed with pesticides, these species will simply disappear. But if they are set aside for farm animals to roam on, providing shelter, food and breeding ground for all manner of life, nature will remain in balance.  

Buying grass-fed meat from a local butcher is one way to ensure that your meat is of a higher standard, as they will be able to tell you where their produce comes from. But in this age of pandemic, even if you have easy access to a quality butcher, you may not want to risk the trip.  

So, how can you get grass-fed quality meat without having to go to the butchers?

If a trip to the butchers is simply not an option for you, then luckily a solution is at hand. Meat delivery companies are becoming more and more commonplace, with fantastic options like the Dorset Meat Company providing an easy solution to your meat needs.

The Dorset Meat Company is an online company dedicated to providing the homes of the United Kingdom with grass-fed, free range meat from local farms in Dorset and Wiltshire. All their produce is produced sustainably, in harmony with nature.

Customers can purchase everything from beef joints, to meatballs, to burgers and sausages, either individually, or as part of a ‘meat box’. These meat boxes are shipped across the country every week, having been packed by hand into a temperature controlled chilled pouch and recyclable box. You can either purchase a pre-prepared one – such as the ‘Family BBQ’, or ‘Student Survival’ meat box –or build your own to suit your needs. Either way, you will be guaranteed high quality, ethically produced meat, delivered straight to your front door.

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