How to Choose the Perfect Coat for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Perfect Coat for Your Body Type

In addition to protecting us from harsh cold weather and rainstorms, coats also let you look fabulous. To get the full effect of the latter, you should carefully select the right coat for your body type. This applies to both men and women. We all have different physiques and designers come up with attractive designs with certain body types in mind.

Sometimes, you may be impressed by a fashion model or celebrity wearing a certain coat and decide to get one for yourself. However, you put on your new coat only to find it doesn’t look the same on you at all because you don’t have the same body type! Therefore, it’s important to buy a coat that takes your body type into account.

Rules to Select the Right Coat for Your Body Type 

Choosing the rigt coat for you body type is important, but you should also never ignore the Function, Fabric, and Silhouette (FFS) Rule. 

  • Function 

The function aspect is pretty simple. A coat is usually an expensive purchase for most of us. Generally, you want a design that is suitable not only for formal occaisons but for casualones too. If it’s too hard to find an all-in-one design, try to find a coat that will fit the main purpose you will use it for, whether formal or casual.

  • Fabric 

Do the straps and panels look nice on your body? Should you go for light or dark colours? Camel is a versatile colour that looks great on almost everyone. If your skin is fair, you can easily go for dark colours. If you have darker skin, go for lighter colours instead. However, formal styles look best in navy, dark grey, or black. 

  • Silhouette 

Coats are meant to be bulky even if you have a slim body, as most coats are designed to accommodate multiple layers underneath. Have said that, coats can come in silhouettes ranging from slim and streamlined to billowing and loose, so look for a silhouette that best suits your body type.

Best Coat Styles for Your Type

  1. Athletic Body Type (Rectangle) 

Narrow hips, smaller bust, and undefined waist are the features of a rectangular body type. If you have an athletic body then go for:

  • A coat that extends to hips (making the hips appear slightly wider) 
  • A coat with a waist that flares out 
  • A coat with a belt to define the waist 

Avoid a body-cut jacket as this will do nothing to create curves. 

  1. Petite Body 

A petite body is small, with narrow shoulders, smaller arms, and a short neck. The right coat for the petite body type is:

  • A long bulky coat that compensates for short height and low weight 
  • Uses solid and bright textured colours
  • A fitted peacoat that ends just at the knees to give an impression of longer legs and more height 
  1. Pear Shape 

The pear body type features heavier hips and a slimmer upper body. If your body is a pear shape then go for: 

  • A double-breasted coat with a cinched waist 
  • The coat should have catchy embellishments on the torso to draw attention to the upper part of the body
  • A fuller shape below the waist so that it does not cling too much to your hips 
  1. Hourglass Type 

In an hourglass body type, the bust is fuller and the waist is well defined. If you have this body type, you should go for:

  • Tailored and fitted coats that emphasise the hourglass shape 
  • A coat with pleats and/or belts
  • Simple sleeves to not add extra bulk to your arms
  • No longer than knee-length to show off your shapely arms
  1. Apple Type 

Broad shoulders, a large bust, a well-defined waist, and narrow hips are the traits of an apple body type. If you have an apple shape, you should wear: 

  • A coat with a narrow waist to slim your tummy 
  • A coat that diverts attention above the waist with interesting features such as a deep neckline 
  • A coat that is long enough to cover the narrow hips, making them look wider 
  • It is a good idea to go for the fabric with vertical lines so that it creates the illusion of more height 
  • Avoid a design with shoulder pads 

Wrapping Up

During the cold winter months, you need something that not only looks fabulous but also keeps you comfortable and warm. If you live in a colder climate or are planning to travel to such a region, look for a top-quality sheep skin duffle coat. Not only did these coats magnificently serve armies during wars in freezing cold winters, but they’ve also been popular with fashionistas since the 1960s. They are suitable for most occasions and you can wear them over almost any formal or casual dress.

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