How To Get Back To Your Career Once You Have Children

How To Get Back To Your Career Once You Have Children

Being a mum is certainly no easy feat and is a full time job. But once you have had children you might also be dreaming about going back to work full time as well. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have the best of both, seeing your children grow up as well as fulfilling a career that you thoroughly enjoy. So if you are thinking about this but do not have the confidence to go for it then these suggestions will help you out. 

Make a List of What You Would Like To Do 

If you don’t want to head back to the same job that you had before your maternity leave then think about the other job roles or prospects that interest you instead. You don’t want to end up doing a job that you really dislike as it is just going to make you feel really depressed. So start to make a list of jobs or subject matters that interest you, and then you can start to have a look online to see what is available. Once you begin looking at a particular field it could lead you onto other areas which you might find even more interesting. Getting your thoughts and ideas down onto paper will help you to make a positive start. 

Freshen Up Your CV 

If it’s been a while since you have edited your CV then you may want to go over it and update any necessary details. There could be areas that need to be filled in or your contact details simply need to be edited. Looking over your CV and getting someone else to take a look will ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes and that it will be ready to send off with a covering letter once you see some job applications that you like the look of. 

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Start Freelancing 

If you are more of a creative person then you might have a set of skills that will make you stand out from others and will be something that you can make a living with. If the prospect of going back to work full time is too stressful for you then you could start out freelancing from the comfort of home. This will enable you to work when it suits you, as well as look after the children, but will help to bring your confidence back too. The more projects you can complete the more likely you are going to feel able to start doing what you love full time. It will also be a great way to use your creative skills whilst also being paid for it. 

Enrol Yourself Into Studies 

It is a lot easier to be able to work and study from home with the abundance of online courses that are available. If there is a qualification that you are keen to obtain that will launch you into a career that you will enjoy then you could easily fit this into your current routine. You could study from the comfort of home which will work well if you are currently looking after little ones and you would also be able to take online exams as well, which will save you time having to commute to a learning centre. 

Ask Friends or Families About Job Vacancies 

It can be useful to ask those around you what sort of job vacancies are available. You might find that you have a friend or family member who knows about an upcoming job vacancy in their workplace. It could be a job that you had not thought of that might actually be of interest to you. They would then be able to tell you more about what the job entails, which could provide more information than an online job post. It could also be a great way to get back into employment knowing that you have someone that you know at this job which will make it less intimidating than arriving at a new workplace and not knowing anyone. 

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Have Some ‘Me Time’ 

It might be a long time since you have had some time to yourself or the ability to think about what makes you happy in life. If you can start to make time in your schedule for some much needed ‘me time’ it might reignite the passion you had before for your career. The more often you do small things for yourself the more likely you are to get back into the mindset of following your own dreams and passions. Your children are of course important but you shouldn’t forget about what makes you happy either in life. 

Overall it is important to be able to do what you love in life. Being a mother is a wonderful job to have and it takes a lot of patience and hard work to bring up your children. But it is also good to be able to follow your dreams and passions in life, so just because you are a new time mum or have been for many years, try not to forget that your happiness career wise also matters.

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