Spring Cleaning: 10 Best Ways to Breathe Life Back into Your Home

Spring Cleaning: 10 Best Ways to Breathe Life Back into Your Home

Now that spring is finally on the horizon; it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and breathe new life back into your home. Whether your walls are feeling outdated or it’s time to address your wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to reinvigorate your living spaces with minimal fuss. 

From tackling each room head on to getting in reinforcements to get on top of all your junk, here are 10 of the best ways to get your spring cleaning off to the right start:

Have a throwout

Wardrobes are a natural home to unworn, forgotten clothes. Often out of sight and out of mind, that pair of jeans you’ve been meaning to squeeze into or “that dress” have all become part of the forgotten clutter that has taken refuge in your closet. 

Then, there are the items that in your mind still have a purpose and yet, have been untouched for weeks, months, even years. If any of this resonates with you, it’s time to have a clearout. 

But, don’t do too much all at once. Tackle each room in turn, and split all of your items into reusables, recyclables and to be disposed of items. That way, you can manage your waste more effectively, without the job getting the better of you. 

If sitting around waiting for your turn at your local recycling centre doesn’t appeal to you, get in touch with the professionals. Whether you live in Aberdeen, Dublin or London, your local rubbish removals company will be on hand to take the stress out of managing your waste. 

From clearing furniture, electricals and mattresses to general household waste, they will take care of everything from donating to charities to responsible disposal. 

Deep clean

Now that you’ve got rid of all your unwanted junk or found a fresh purpose for some of your items, it’s time to pull everything out and have a deep clean. Not only will your home instantly be cleaner, but it will smell fresher too. 

A little more elbow grease will be required for a deep clean! So you may want to turn it into a family adventure or call in extra support from friends and family to get the job done more effectively. 

Add a splash of fresh paint to your walls

One of the simplest and more cost-effective ways to breathe life back into your home is to freshen up your walls with a splash of colour. 

Before you get stuck in, try out a few different paint samples on the walls to find the best colour that suits your home. If you want to go down the wallpaper route, check out some of the best-known brands websites and use one of their smart online interactive tools. 

You’ll be able to re-decorate most rooms for under £50, so you can refresh your walls without breaking the bank!

Just like the deep clean, painting walls can be a fun task for the whole family to enjoy! 

Move your furniture around

Simply moving your sofa from one place to another can maximise the space in your living room. Relocate the coffee table or move the rug, and you’ve instantly transformed your space. 

You’ll quickly find out what works and what doesn’t, and before you know it, you have a more inviting room, and you’ve optimised the lighting to boot!

Give your upholstery and soft furnishings some attention

Everything from your sofa to your curtains can all become grubby and stained over time if left alone. While you’ll be able to deep clean or wash most soft furnishings, you may have to replace them entirely if they are tricky to remove or outdated. 

While design trends come and go, traditional patterns are here to stay. So consider your options carefully before upgrading your upholstery and furnishings. 

If you like to upcycle or are interested in giving it a go, there are plenty of inspiring projects and helpful tutorials available online to get you started. 

Create a gallery wall

With most of our memories stored digitally, many of our favourite photos often get forgotten. So why not build a gallery wall and add some of your favourite prints to your walls. Not only does this add an eye-catching pop of colour, but it’s a good way of adding a positive and welcoming feeling to any room. 

Refresh your accessories 

Switching up a room’s accessories is a simple way to transform how you feel about it. Whether you replace your current bedding, sheets and pillows or add some extra cushions to your sofa, you can quickly change things up. 

Consider replacing your tea and coffee pots in the kitchen or adding new light fixtures throughout the house. 

Invite a slice of nature into your home

Houseplants not only help you to feel happier, but they are a simple way to add a splash of natural colour to any room. They help your living spaces come alive in more ways than one! From improving air quality to lifting your mood, houseplants are not just a millennial trend. 

Organised belongings!

Typically, if you have a pile of paperwork on the side, it naturally accumulates more junk around it. It’s an odd phenomenon, but we are all creatures of habit. 

By making sure everything you own has a home of its own, you can maximise space and declutter your spaces all in one go. Whether you need to install some extra shelves or invest in some quality Skandi-inspired storage solutions, you can quickly transform any room by removing junk. 

It’s all about lighting

Whether you like dark and moody or bright, open spaces, it all comes down to how you have lit your home. So think about how you want your rooms to feel. Do you want them to be welcoming and cosy or bright and airy? 

By adding candles, fairy lights or Edison bulbs, you can quickly add a vibe to your home that is not only inviting but homely. Or, if you prefer the minimalist look, think about lighter paints and furnishings, as well as giving as much space for natural light to pour through your windows. 

Switching up your living spaces is the quickest way to breathe new life back into your home. From a fresh lick of paint to having a throwout, what will you do first? 

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