Tips For All Dads

Tips For All Dads


Being a parent is no easy task. No matter how many children you already have, each child is going to be different and have their own personalities and thoughts. Both the mother and father are going to have it tough and will have different sets of responsibilities and roles to fulfill. This article will be a helpful guide for new dads and existing dads on how to better care for your family. And for more handy tips, check out

Practice what you preach

As a father, you must understand that your children or child are going to be highly impressionable. Whatever you do will be seen and internalised into their brains and psyche—both the good and bad. If you smoke or drink regularly, it is advisable to quit these vices before the latest member of your family comes into the picture. The early years into parenthood can be rough and relying on these vices to cope is not going to be healthy for your body, or set the right example for your child who’s watching you as they become more conscious of their surroundings.

Of course, it is okay to indulge once in a while, but the key takeaway is to not do things that you would not want your child to follow. This gives your advice and words to quit more weight if they ever fall into the lure of vices. This also applies to good habits like turning in early, practicing acts of kindness and compassion, and being organised and others. Additionally, by following through with what you usually preach to your child, they will be more likely to trust you as a firm and inspiring role model whose opinions matter to them.

Ensure their safety

You will be surprised at how ridiculously oblivious children are to danger and hazardous situations. Children are uncharacteristically fearless creatures and they get mischievous when warned against doing certain risky actions. It is only when they get hurt that they register the adults’ concerned cautions.

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Simply warning children from committing dangerous acts will not cut it. Instead, child-proof your home and encourage safe habits with positive reinforcement and reward them with a small treat whenever they obediently comply. Extend this protection to the child’s finances as well. Make sure to set up some safety nets for them in the form of life and/or medical insurance, as well as a college fund and an emergency fund in the event they will come to need the financial support. 

Be affectionate

Long gone are the days of the stoic dads. In fact, many older dads of today themselves feel rather distant from their children having subscribed to the traditionally masculine archetype of the silent dad. Providing financial support for your family is important, but it is equally important that you remain present and involved in your child’s life. Kids do not discriminate—they want time and attention from their fathers as well, not just their mums. It is recommended that dads introduce their children to their hobby or even indulge in their kids’ interests from time to time. Try to build several common interests between yourself and your child, and spending time with your child will seamlessly fall into a comfortable routine and lifestyle. This will also serve as a good bonding time for both of you, and memories that both of you will cherish in the future. One thing to note is that your child might have very different and diverse interests from both you and the mum as they mature into their own person, but be open to trying and experiencing things from their perspective. Your child will surely come to appreciate your effort once they come of age and have to start becoming independent. Lastly, don’t forget to give them lots of hugs and kisses! 

Support the mum

A supportive and loving couple is more likely to raise a happy child. Look out for your wife’s needs from time to time as well. Mums are super-beings but even so, they will truly appreciate all the help they can get from their husbands when it comes to raising a child. Share the duties evenly with your wife and don’t shy away from the typical “mum” duties of bathing, feeding, changing diapers, and coaxing the child to sleep. Bonding with the child starts as early as the infancy stage, and dads have no excuse to not help out. 

It is also important to not contradict the child’s mother or fight in their presence. Your relationship with your wife will heavily affect the child’s perception of marriage and love, as well as their ability to seek out healthy relationships instead of romanticizing toxic relationships. Try to air out disagreements with one another in the privacy of your shared room instead of the common spaces where the conversation might be overheard.

It is good practice to always check with your wife when your child asks for permission to do something. There are instances of children trying to obtain permission from the other less involved parent after being denied by one. Contradicting the parenting style of your wife may inadvertently frame your wife as the strict parent, and you as the fun parent, causing a relationship imbalance. Not only will your wife start resenting you, but you are also indirectly teaching your child to be manipulative—things you would want to avoid.

Dads should also remember to enjoy themselves together with their wives. Many couples start to forget that they are each other’s life partners once the child comes into the picture. In the early years, parents definitely will be at the beck-and-call of the child’s needs and certain sacrifices need to be made. However, parents should take back the reins of their lives once the child starts developing their autonomy.

It is important to keep the marriage fresh and exciting between the parents, and not allow parenting to rob them completely of life’s joys. Trust and give your child some space to act independently from time to time, and use these opportunities to go out on fun dates with your wife. Remember that your children will leave your home nest one day to settle down with their own partners, and it is your wife who will accompany you till old age. 


Parenting is never easy. You can always prepare for what’s to come but the real experience may differ from your expectations. As with all human relationships, remember to communicate with your partner and listen to your children. 

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