Tips On Encouraging Your Young Children To Be More Active

Tips On Encouraging Your Young Children To Be More Active

Being a young kid is all about running around here, there, and everywhere, learning plenty of new things about the world, and being active. Sadly, in recent years obesity levels have risen to a worryingly high level in the UK, and a lot of problems related to obesity stem from poor dietary habits and a lack of exercise during youth. However, there are plenty of positive things you can do as a parent to keep your young kids fit and active. We’ve come up with this piece about tips on encouraging your young children to be more active. Carry on reading to find out more.

Try Taking Them Away From Screens 

Young kids today are ‘digital natives’, which means they have been born into the digital world and will grow up surrounded by screens and the internet. Nevertheless, it isn’t wise to allow your kids to be constantly hooked on looking at screens. Your children’s younger years should be when they make the most of going outside, playing with others, and taking in the amazing world we around us. Therefore, to encourage your children to be more active, we suggest limiting their screen time. Sometimes, exhibiting a bit of tough love is the best way to operate as a parent in the modern digital era. Limiting the amount of time your children spend using screens could help to improve their reaction speed, make their brain sharper, boost their social development, and encourage them to exercise more.

Let Your Kids Burn Off Steam In The Park

Taking your kids to wide open spaces such as parks with fun playgrounds and lots of leaves and muddy puddles to jump should be a barrel of laughs for young children. Try looking into the location of the most suitable parks for your child, and perhaps there may be a fun local park near where you live. When they are grown up, your children will look back on their younger years with fond memories of being carefree and playing in the park. 

Buy A Trike For Your Child

Your little one may not be old enough yet to learn how to ride a bike without stabilisers, and that is an excitement that should come in a few years. However, you can get them an ace trike to scoot around on in the park and while out and about. If you are searching for a trike for your toddler, then you should purchase from reputable providers. Micro provides a few different trikes and scooters to help you find the ideal product you’re looking for.

Try Getting Them Passionate About Sports

Sports are full of thrills and spills. Through participating in sports from a young age and staying fit and active, your kid will also pick up essential life skills such as loyalty, competitiveness, teamwork, the value of hard work, and respect for others. Therefore, we think encouraging your kids to develop a passion for sports is a great idea that will stand them in fantastic stead for the future. You may decide to take your kid swimming with you at your local pool. After all, the more they get used to being in the water from a young age, the more confident they will be, and hopefully, it helps them swim without floats or armbands from an earlier age.

These are a few handy tips and pointers aimed at all you devoted parents out there on how you can encourage your young children to be more active.

Kate Dyson

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