Top 5 Gift Ideas For A New Mother

Top 5 Gift Ideas For A New Mother

When a mother has their first child, this is normally one of the most impactful and happy days of their lives. The most important thing is that the new-born child is fit and healthy and has all the care in the world from their parents. This can be an overwhelming experience for the new mother and help may be needed by friends or family if they do not have the experience of bringing up a child.  When you hear of a friend or family member having a child, most people will get them a gift, but what do you get them? This can be quite a tricky thing to decide upon as most people will get things that are specifically for the child, but some others may think differently and get something different that may actually be a gift more for the mother rather than the child (although no doubt the child is benefiting inadvertently). Here are some tips on what could be purchased for a new mum in 2021.


One of the most common things that people will purchase a new mother are some new toys for their child.   These are usually quite cheap and something that there is a significant amount of choice in. There are a few precautions you should take in advance of just going out to purchase these though

The first is the suitability for either a boy or a girl. People will normally purchase the toys in advance of the child being born and there are a lot of occasions that people do not know if it is a boy or a girl.  In these instances, there are a lot of toys that are suitable for both.  You do not want to purchase in advance for a boy and it ends up being a girl or vice versa! 

Also bear in mind that if purchasing a toy for a baby then you should look at the age range it is suitable for. By getting this wrong it could in fact be dangerous.  One of the main reasons these sorts of warnings are on the product is around the small parts potentially that are within it.  Very small objects that are loose on the product could get into a baby’s mouth and choke them.  This could have drastic consequence and it could in fact be fatal!  Make sure you think this through properly and put the safety first.

Sharing the Experience

It is important for a new mother to share her new-born baby’s pictures with everyone that she is connected with.  This is usually one of the proudest moments of her life and one that she will want to share with everyone.  Financial pressures could be difficult especially at this time, therefore, if this is known, why not support by getting her one of the SIM only deals that are around.  These will allow the mother to get pictures of her child and stick them online in social media or send them to her friends and family for a very little cost.  Some of these SIM packages are as little as a fiver and there is no contract attached to it so it is something that would make a fantastic gift.  You can get more information around this on sites such as


A definite essential for a mother is a pram where she will be able to walk her child around in the outside. These range from all sizes and styles and there are even designer prams that are very popular. Unfortunately, these are not a cheap buy and something that cost a good few hundred pounds. This is why it is probably even a better present for a new mother as it is another expenditure she would need to make. It would definitely be appreciated.

Due to the costs associated with this, if this is not something you want to do alone then this is something that you can do as a group.  Why not get others in your friends circle or family to all chip in and do this as a collective? Make sure you shop around though and check online for any special deals. There are prams that are also designed for both boys and girls so it may be wise to get a neutral one if you are not aware of the sex of the baby. 

Pampering Voucher

Due to the months of stress with a pregnancy and the restrictions the mum would have had to go through in terms of inability to drink alcohol and not be able to do some normal activities, wouldn’t it be great if they were able to be spoilt and pampered for a day or weekend?  Clearly this is all dependent on someone reliable being able to watch the child whilst this happens.  As long as someone can be found then why should the mum not have some time out?   This can be done in a lot of ways but one of the most popular is a relaxation day out (or weekend) with some friends where they are pampered.  This could include massages, makeovers and even one or two cocktails to end the activity.  This is something that would go down very well with the new mum!


A cot is quite a big outgoing expenditure similar to the pram which would be able to help support the new mum.  These larger pieces of furniture can be purchased on their own or with a mattress.  They come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to consider the safety so that the baby cannot climb up (eventually) and get out.  This could lead to a massive injury (or even be fatal).  You must also consider things such as cot death and make sure that the mattress and furniture are safe enough to prevent this. Cots will normally need to be installed and will not come like this therefore bear this in mind also. The icing on the cake with this would be to not only purchase the item for the mother but to have it installed in the house.  This will help with destressing what is already a stressful situation. 


With these suggestions above, hopefully we have demonstrated that it is important for not only the child but the mother that considerations should be given to.  The mother has just gone through many months of a pregnancy and had to make many compromises in her life to have this child therefore she should also be considered for a “treat”.  When doing this though, make sure that there is enough cover and support to watch the baby if you are treating with a day or time out.  As finances may be tough at this time for the new mum as she will have a lot to purchase, if you do consider one of the bigger presents then this could be done as a group so that the impact is not as much on yourself. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that suits the new mum and she will see that you care for her!

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