Treat Your Pet with These Splurge-Worthy Products

Treat Your Pet with These Splurge-Worthy Products

It is an understatement to say that as pet parents, we completely adore our pets. You are spending minutes at a time admiring them and what they’re doing, while having conversations with them and spending hours on end cuddling them. They are with us through the best and worst moments of our lives and are a massive part of who we are. If you find yourself searching for some products to splurge on for your precious companion, you are in the right place! We have detailed an excellent list of splurge-worthy products for your pet that you are sure to want. Treat your pet like royalty and read on for more!

  • Pet DNA Kit: This is a bit of a unique thing to purchase, but we are sure it would interest some of you out there. If you have ever found yourself wondering what breed of dog or cat you have (mainly if they are a mixed breed), this is the solution for you. Using this safe-to-use kit on your pet will allow you to determine precisely what breed your dog or cat is; great if you have recently adopted them and haven’t been given a lot of information! Understanding what breed your pet is, will enable you to determine the kind of personality that they are sure to have, and assist you in figuring out what ways to look after them. We don’t know about you, but this is undoubtedly something that intrigued us!
  • All-Terrain Pet Stroller: Perfect for those ramblers and hikers among us, this product is ideal for taking your pets along with you on any explorations that you are heading out on! Suitable for those with senior pets who have delicate bones and joints, this stroller enables your beloved pet to explore the great outdoors while minimizing the risk of picking up an injury. While this is a more expensive purchase than some of our other suggestions, it is undoubtedly one that should be viewed as an investment rather than a costly one-time purchase. This stroller can either be used as a standard stroller – the kind you push in front of you – or can be attached to the back of a pushbike, allowing you to pull it along instead.
  • Healthy Pet Food: While this might not seem like a treat to many as it isn’t entirely fun, this is still something that should be considered when wanting to give your pets the best possible items. Looking after your pets’ insides is just as important as looking after their outsides, and that starts by ensuring that they are receiving the right vitamins and minerals. It is becoming more commonly known that the processed pet foods which you buy from the local supermarket are not as good for your pet as initially thought. When looking for an alternative food source for your pet, consider using raw pet foods, like that from companies like Bella and Duke. Companies such as this provide raw cat food as part of their extended range, with natural dog foods available also. With no hidden additives and all the right nutrients that your pet needs, this is undoubtedly a great way of splurging your money on a treat for your pet. Treat their tastebuds with this purchase!
  • Gentle but Effective Animal Wash: There is a wide selection of animal washes on the market, but it is certainly worth doing your research before purchasing the first thing you see. While most are scented – to leave your pet smelling clean and fresh – you will want to make sure that the additives used to leave the pleasant smell are safe and pet-friendly before using them on your pet. Giving the beloved family pet a soothing massage during a deep cleanse is sure to treat them. Although we are not too sure how much your cat will appreciate being in the water!
  • Portable Cat-Bag: We are confident that most of you cat-lovers have seen these wonderful creations elsewhere on the internet! Simply put, they are backpacks which you can put your cat in, and for which they can look out and about at the things you are by-passing on your explorations. Complete with air holes – so your precious companion can breathe adequately – this is a comfortable and unique way of taking your cat out with you. Best believe that you will get people stopping to admire your cat along the way! This is certainly worth the splurging, for your cat will be treated to the great outdoors in a new and exciting way; great for those with indoor cats who want to get out and about.
  • Dog Rain Boots: Another item that is a little bit different and unique, splurging your money on this product is sure to make your four-legged friend the best trendsetter on the block! There are several colors and sizes available, suitable for dogs, big and small. If you wanted to, you could even purchase some tiny boots and put them on your cat instead. Who is to say that they miss out on the pet fashion item of the year! Buying these boots for your dog is a significant investment, mainly if you enjoy going out for walks in muddy or marshy areas; there is no worry that your dog will be roaming mud and dirt everywhere afterward! Furthermore, these boots would be suitably useful for those dogs who suffer from allergies to dust and grass; wearing boots like these prevent any grass or dust from getting on their paws and ingested.
  • Location Tracker: This is a worthwhile investment for all pet parents, especially those who worry about their beloved pet’s whereabouts while out and about. While this is an excellent way of monitoring how much exercise your pet is getting daily, it is also helpful for determining if your pet has any potential health problems, as it will also monitor the frequency of scratching and licking. Splurging on an item like this is great for those pet parents with troublesome pets that regularly escape your garden or yard! No more endless searching for hours; you’ll be able to track them in a heartbeat with this purchase, as it is merely attached to their collar and connected to an app on your phone.
  • Pet Clothing:  A more commonly known item to splurge out on, there are large pet clothing varieties out there to allow you to give your pet a makeover. Notably, it will be rather challenging to get a larger dog to put some pet clothes on than their smaller counterparts, but if you have an extra pair of hands helping you, you might be able to! It is becoming a lot more popular to dress up your dog in little outfits – both matching and opposing – so it is certainly worth splurging out on if you are interested.

There are plenty more splurge-worthy items out there, with something out there for other pets not considered here. While some things appear ‘exclusive’ for cats or dogs, you will probably be able to interchange between small dog items for your cat and vice versa. The choice is entirely yours! Go forth and treat your pets the way they deserve and have fun while at it.

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