Vinyl Flooring to Match Your Tastes

Vinyl Flooring to Match Your Tastes

With so many brands of luxury vinyl flooring out there, it becomes quite a challenge to discover exactly what kind of style suits your tastes.

People choose vinyl flooring because it is cost-effective, durable and a quick installation – but what they struggle with is the brand and design that is going to occupy their home for the next few decades and not get boring.

People choose a wide selection based on their tastes and lifestyles, which makes finding a matching flooring style a bit tough. Let’s see the most popular styles. 

Light and Dark Woods

Still selling at a much higher volume, the most popular option is a selection of either light natural wood or a dark wood feel for their flooring.

It is desirable because it is a much more cost-effective option than the real thing and does not come with the hassle of installation, wood chippings and scratched wood through the movement of furniture. People love a light wood feel because it gives a sense of a natural environment and fresh energy. They also love dark woods because they provide a sophisticated and rich feel to the room it occupies.

With many palettes and designs to choose from, it’s no wonder that light and dark wood vinyl ranges provide something for everyone.


Another popular design style in luxury vinyl has to be stone-based, much lighter and brighter than the real thing.

Naturally, the benefits of stone-styled luxury vinyl such as the Distinctive flooring range fall within cost and installation. With the replicated vinyl, there is no risk of chipped stone or large cracks and the ease of taking out individual sections means you don’t disrupt the floor or need stone cut specifically to fit the shape required for replacement.

Replicating the looks of graphene, slate or concrete within the home gives a kitchen and living room a look of precision, which is great for visitors and adds a little touch of class to your home profile without exponentially blowing up your renovation budget.


If you are one of the people looking for a unique take on their home, you can get a little creative and choose to mix designs up between the rooms.

If the kitchen and dining areas are large enough area, having a mixture of designs will give the space an identity of two different environments. Not so much mixing woods and stone throughout the floor, but combining plank designs with one half of the room with a parquet design whilst the other has a straight design can highlight a creative mindset. 

With luxury vinyl flooring such as Distinctive vinyl flooring, you can have a bit of both or all of one and still save a small fortune. Luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey oak flooring, has everything to match your tastes in home design.

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