Welcome to The Retreat, a Unique Commune for MOLOs

Welcome to The Retreat, a Unique Commune for MOLOs

Imagine a ‘members only’ space that nurtures you the woman you are. A place to work, a place to play, a place to relax while your children are cared for close by and your needs are met as an individual.

Imagine that place isn’t just a dream any longer, but a reality – and as a current MOLO, you are a founding member with full access to every service we offer, under one roof.

Imagine a free bar, coffee and warm muffins, cafe for the little ones and restaurant for you to meet with other MOLOs, chat about your day, support each other with advice and love in real life.

Imagine a workspace that nourishes your intellect and inspires your business goals, while your children happily play in our free nursery next door, ably looked after by our Norland trained staff.

The Retreat Nursery

Imagine the SOFA that we’ve spoken so often about, where great speakers and experts will convene, discussing everything from world politics, to raising children to be anti-racist, to tips on sleep and weaning and potty training and self care.

Imagine a place where you can visit our own private Health Visitor, who will give you all the time you need to explain your concerns and then ensure you leave feeling validated and reassured, every time.

Imagine the ‘feeding room’, where you can get help with your own feeding choices – whether that’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding; and leave feeling empowered.

Feeding support that supports your choice.

This is everything that we have built within our virtual community, and now we are ready to bring it to you in real life.

Welcome to The Retreat, a unique commune experience from The Motherload®.

This April, we are launching our first Crowdfunder in partnership with Nest, a VC with parents needs at their core. Our first site will be in London – in the heart of Dean Street, nestled alongside some of the city’s most unique member only spaces. But London is just the start; within the first six months of the programme launch you’ll find The Retreat in Birmingham and Manchester, and within the first year we are scheduled to open in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Hastings and Bristol.

Dining Area at The Retreat

The aim is to bring The Motherload® to every corner of the UK, and in five years, the world.

And that’s not all. One of the most important cornerstones of The Motherload® is our social responsibility, and that’s why we’ll be giving 25% of our profit to charities. We will also run a community fridge in each city we arrive in, and offer free legal and medical advice to any MOLO who needs it. We’ll also run a community purse, so that if you need financial help you can access it, no questions asked.

But most importantly, at the commune’s foundations, everything that is ‘MOLO’ will be truly living and breathing as a real life community, providing outreach for lonely mothers and working together as one unit for the best of the next generation and bring us together as mothers, women and humans. We want to welcome MOLOs from every walk of life: the builders, the connectors, the thinkers, the creators, the entertainers, the founders and the fools. Whoever you are, you’ll fit right in within The Motherload® Communes.

Our Workspace at The Retreat

The Motherload® Communes will become a familiar place for women to live, work, play – a truly global brand that feels reassuringly local.

The power of The Motherload® community has always struck me to be special, unique and a connection that runs deeper than that of a virtual community. Finally, we can realise this vision together and create the ultimate sisterhood of feminine power.

Are you ready to help us launch The Retreat, A Motherload Commune, this April?

To sign up for The Retreat Crowdfunder and pledge to be a Founding Sister of one of the first Communes for The Motherload®, please email theretreat@the-motherload.co.uk to join the waitlist, and unite with us in our new dawn for women.

Kate Dyson

Kate is the Founder of The Motherload, the 'owner' of one husband, two daughters, two cats and one rabbit. She loves wine, loathes exercise and fervently believes in the power of women supporting women. Find me on instagram: @themotherloadhq

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