Why London Is A Great Destination For Pupils Studying Abroad

Why London Is A Great Destination For Pupils Studying Abroad

Many people who look to study abroad want to choose an exciting destination.

London is a name on many people’s lips, which might be surprising if you’re a native who takes the capital for granted. Still, the setting has a great deal to offer to young scholars who’re based further afield, enriching their respective lives in many ways.

But what makes London such a popular choice when it comes to studying abroad? Well, it could be because of any of the following reasons below.

A Hub of Global Excellence

It’s always best to study surrounded by inspirational and iconic surroundings.

Top tier local businesses, support networks, and libraries are all close to hand, and are among the absolute best of their kind. Pupils studying abroad are in good hands here. Everyone in London is experienced in their craft, supremely knowledgeable in what they do, and have more than earned their permanent place in the capital. 

Motivation study may come easy when surrounded by constant success. A legacy of greatness is closely interlinked with the capital, and the opportunity to be included in that is no doubt brilliant for kids. Frequently dubbed as being one of the most inspiring cities in the world, London offers mental stimulation just by virtue of being in it. Here, anything is possible, and every dream is attainable.

There’s also the fact that 37% of Londoners were born outside of the city in 2016, and the figure has likely risen substantially in the five years since. It’s a diverse cityscape, filled with multicultural sights and offerings in an environment where all are welcome and valued.  

High-End Entertainment Offerings

Study is undoubtedly important, but a suitable work-life balance is crucial.  

Families never run out of things to do when on a city break with their kids in London, so to study in an environment of that calibre will no doubt enrich your child’s life beyond measure. When they’re not working hard, they’ll likely be unwinding effectively, which will enable them to rest, destress, and reset after their studies for the day are over. Fun and games in Hyde Park, world leading live performances, and so much more await them all.

Sadly, in 2016 only 16% of 15-17 years polled saw trying to achieve a healthy balance between studying and socialising as a priority, with only half of that figure believing that they had that balance right. It’s a sorry situation, but places like London ensure kids have a better opportunity to fill their life with more things. A fulfilling and happy personal life will present fewer distractions when they do study, so these elements are crucial.

Learning English

English is now a universal language, an essential tool in millions of people’s lives.

In fact, in 2018, some figures began to wonder whether the English language is taking over the planet at large, and it can certainly be said that many people do seem to speak it on at least some level. To be learning the language in the epicentre of that could be a great thing indeed, fine tuning one’s grasp in the language by putting it into practice with native speakers, no less!

Companies like SKOLA, a dedicated English summer school for kids, provide an in-depth language learning experience right from the wonderful setting of Regent’s Park in London. In the morning, the kids in their care become more familiar with the English language, developing grammatical and vocabulary skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening within a context that’s appropriate to their age. Their reviews are full of parents marking noticeable improvements in their children’s English abilities, ecstatic with the lifechanging services provided.

There’s also a generous arrangement on offer here, in that the longer the children study with SKOLA, the bigger the discount. The service is even more affordable if the child is a returning pupil, signed up with a sibling, or registered at least 3 months in advance for junior courses too. In the end, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’s easy to see why so many families gravitate toward it. 

Museum Offerings

What’s better than learning? Extra learning! Or rather, learning that’s perhaps more tailored to one’s own personal interests.

Kids in London can visit the best sites and museums as regularly as needed, keeping them engaged and learning across a plethora of subjects. This is great also because it’s more interesting and easier to study history, for example, when fragments from the studied periods are on exhibition right in front of the scholar.

Everyone knows that London is home to a range of at least 50 exciting and unusual museums, alongside the more famous ones like the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery and the British Museum, all three of which permit free entry. This all allows the kids to expand their scope of learning beyond the textbook, and have a visceral, impactful experience with the content they’re studying. Not many places succeed in this endeavour as well as London does.

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