The Motherload® (TM) exists to promote sharing and community, but when you share any information through a service like TM, it’s important to remember that you are potentially sharing it with the entire world. The information you submit to TM may be accessible to anyone who visits your TM site (including people who are not registered TM users), or through search engines, mobile devices, and a variety of other devices and services. It may also be copied and redistributed by anyone who has access to it.
We take your privacy really seriously. This privacy policy discusses how personal information is collected and disclosed through TM, as well as the tools available to help you control your information.


TM may collect certain information from you as described below. TM uses the information it collects for authentication purposes, to customize the advertising and content you see, to fulfil your requests for products and services, to provide aggregated, anonymous reporting for TM or third parties, to improve our services, and to communicate with you as part of the TM service.

Registration – Required Information

When you register for a TM account, TM requires you to provide the following information:
• Name – Your real name, a nickname or handle that acts as your primary identifier to other TM users and visitors, or viewers of TM material on other systems (e.g. search engines, RSS readers, cell phones, etc.). It is always publicly displayed, so please choose carefully.
• Password– required for signing into your TM Your password provides access to all of the information in your account, so never share your password with anyone except a parent or guardian.
• Email Address– an email address is required so that TM can contact you about your account. In addition, TM has several features through which information may be forwarded to this email address – including messages or invitations from other TM users, alerts, or logs of activity related to your account. You can control whether you receive certain of these emails by using the settings inside your TM Your email address is never publicly displayed on TM.

Information Submitted to Your TM Site

When you “publish” information to the TM forum, this means you are sharing the information publicly.

When you “publish” information to the TM Groups or your own timeline, this means you are sharing the information privately.

Email Addresses of Others (Sending Emails through TM)

For features such as inviting others to join TM or participate in specific areas of the service (collectively, “invitations”), or for forwarding information published through the service, you may provide email addresses of others to TM.
TM stores the email addresses that you provide and uses them solely to contact the owner of the email address. For invitations, TM sends one invitation email and may send multiple invitation reminders; for other email-based communications, TM may send an email specific to that communication (e.g. a copy of a specific post that you are forwarding). TM does not share, sell or rent these email addresses with any third parties (other than certain contractors performing work for TM under confidentiality agreements – see “INFORMATION SHARING AND DISCLOSURE” below).

Other Information Collected by TM

Browser Information
Every time you visit a page on the Internet, your web browser sends specific information to the web site you are visiting. TM’s servers automatically collect and store this information, including your IP address, specific type of browser software, the pages you visit at TM, and information from TM cookies (see below). This information is also collected by third-party tracking companies that provide traffic analytics to TM.
TM may set and access TM cookies on your computer.
Like most sites that have interactive features, TM uses cookies to recognize you when you return to TM and to keep track of when you are signed in (so you don’t have to re-sign in every time you visit a new page at TM). TM also uses cookies to target advertisements based on information provided by you (e.g. profile information suggesting age, gender, or interests), browser information (e.g. geographic location based on your IP address), or past activities on TM (e.g. whether or not you’ve seen or responded to a specific advertisement already).
Some third-party advertisers may also set and access their own cookies on your computer. Other companies’ use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one.
Most browsers come with the ability to restrict cookies from specific or unknown sources. Please review your browser’s documentation for more information. Please be aware, however, that many TM features will not be available to you if you block the placement of our cookies on your computer.
Error Logs
If an error occurs in TM’s systems while you are using the service, TM’s servers may automatically collect and store information relating to that error, including your browser information, information from TM cookies, and other information that you may have input at the time the error occurred (e.g. information you had written into any web forms). TM uses this information solely to investigate the error and help prevent future errors.


Unless specifically stated otherwise (e.g. on the page where you submit the information), any information that you submit to TM may be accessible to the entire world.

Your TM Site – Profile Information

Unless specifically stated otherwise (e.g. on the page where you submit the information), any information that you choose to fill out on our profile pages will be posted on your TM site and will be potentially accessible to the entire world.

Your Email Address

TM requires that you provide an email address when registering for a TM account. You can edit this email address by using the controls inside your TM account, but it must always be an email address that belongs to you and is controlled by you.
Your email address is never publicly displayed by TM.

TM Search Results and Syndication Feeds

Information that you publish publicly to your TM site is indexed by TM’s search engines and made available for collection by and redistribution through other electronic services through a publicly available syndication feed (e.g. an RSS feed).


TM does not share, sell or rent any of your information, except as follows:
• Information that You Share– Any information that you submit to any public area of the TM system is potentially accessible to the entire world. Please keep in mind that the moment you share your information with anyone, copies of that information can be made, stored, and shared outside of the TM
• Under Confidentiality Agreements– TM may share your information with trusted third party contractors and service providers who work on behalf of TM. TM does not grant these third parties any independent right to share your information.
• Aggregate Information– From time to time, TM shares aggregated, anonymous data about its users with third parties. This data does not contain personally identifiable information.
• Legal Proceedings– TM may share your information in response to subpoenas, court orders, legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights and obligations or defend against legal claims.
• Safety and Welfare of the Community– TM may share your information if we believe it is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of TM’s Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by law.
• Merger, Acquisition, or Change of Control– TM may transfer your information in the event TM is acquired by or merged with another company.


When you delete information submitted through your TM account, that information will no longer be accessible on your TM site.
When you shut down your TM account, or when your TM membership is terminated, the posts you’ve made to the site will continue to be accessible.
When you delete information submitted through your TM account, when you shut down your TM site, or when your TM membership is terminated, TM may retain a copy of your information (including browser information) for archival purposes. Archival copies are not posted publicly on the TM system; they are maintained solely so that TM may recover content and restore accounts (in case of errors or system failure) or cooperate with law enforcement in order to make the TM service safer.


Links to Third Party Sites

The TM site contains many links to websites operated by third parties. When you follow a link to a third party website, the information you provide to that site will be subject to the privacy policy of that site and not TM’s policy. TM is not responsible for the use or disclosure of any information that you provide to a third party site accessed from a link on the TM site.

Third Party Search Engines & Syndication Feed Readers

Any information you publish publicly on TM may be indexed by third party search engines (e.g. Google or Yahoo) and appear in the search results provided and controlled by those third parties. TM does not control the search indexes or results of those third parties. For help with removing your information from any third party search engines, please visit the websites of those third parties.

Information you publish publicly on TM is made available through a publicly available syndication feed. Your syndicated information may be collected, stored, copied, and redistributed by any third party with access to this syndication feed. TM does not control the information collected or stored by any of those third parties. For help with removing your information from the systems of any of those third parties, please visit the websites of those third parties or contact them directly.


Your TM account is protected by a password you create. TM implements features reasonably designed to protect the security of any non-public information that is stored in our database, such as your password. We cannot, however, guaranty the security of your non-public account information. Hacking, software or hardware failure and other unauthorized access to our premises and systems may compromise the security of TM members’ information.


The Motherload® Ltd participates in various affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. This revenue goes towards keeping this site maintained and active.


From time to time we may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your TM account or by placing a prominent notice on our site. Please note that your continued use of the TM service after the date of any changes to this policy (which will appear as the “Effective” date listed on the policy) will constitute your acceptance and agreement to be bound by those changes. You should visit this page on a regular basis to view any changes to this privacy policy.


If you are not an United Kingdom resident, your use of TM shall constitute consent to the transfer, storage, use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information in the UK in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

Effective: May 29th, 2016