10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Mum Guilt

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Mum Guilt

That feeling of mum guilt is something I think everyone feels once or twice in their lives as parents. However, I have learnt how to deal with my mum guilt by remembering the more challenging parts of parenting and reminding myself I’ve earned this guilt-free time.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I don’t have mum guilt;

1. Chicken Pox. We have had this three times in our house and I only have two children. The first time round it was when my eldest (Joe) was 3 and the youngest (Grace) was 6 weeks, we were contagious and house-bound for about three weeks. It was tough.

2. For the broken glass in the back door after I said “don’t throw stones”. Yes this happened but on the plus side I have been using this quite a bit. For example “Please don’t climb up there you might fall” – he still climbs. I then say “do you remember that time when mummy said don’t throw stones and you broke the glass” he gets down and doesn’t climb anymore. Boom.

3. The time I fished out a Lego head out of the toilet. When Joe was younger his reward chart toys were Lego mini figures and one day he dropped it down the toilet in his poo, he was so upset as he had worked really hard, I took a deep breath and fished that Lego head out.

4. Pregnancy and getting them out. Enough said, we all deserve five minutes of peace for that.

5. Nappies, something no one can avoid. How many nappies do you think you will change being a mum of two? I’m thinking 3650, that’s on average over 3 years, 5 nappies a day times 2 children.  

6. The cancelled plans. When a child is sick everything gets cancelled and I’m not talking about a cold I’m talking about the sickness where they are contagious and you’re not allowed to take them anywhere. Every time we are going to a wedding the week before we have the discussion of who is going to stay with the kids if they are really ill.

7. Public tantrums. For every tut, judgemental glance, comment, avoided cafe as you aren’t really welcome (they make it so narrow you can’t get the pushchair in) and every “cherish every moment” comment you get when you have been up since 4am and haven’t slept longer for four hours in a row for four years. 

8. For every bruise, hair pull, scratch to the face and surprise bundle that you encounter on a daily basis.

9. For every swimming lesson that they have not listened to or have just walked off and had a shower, whilst you run along after them. 

10. Trying to get out of the house, this is mission impossible EVERY time. Socks, shoes are thrown about, tops are unzipped straight away after being put on. It’s basically the opposite of everything you want to happen. 

So if your feeling a bit of mum guilt just remember you deserve that time off whether it be five minutes,  a commute or a weekend away, just enjoy it – you’ve earned it.

About Jeni

I’m a mum of  two, Joe and Grace, married and I recently quit my job of 15 years in post production TV mainly working in advertising to run the family full time. I enjoy laughing through every phase of being a parent with the Joe and Grace.   I look on the bright side of life and love reading a good parenting blog, just so I know I’m not the only one! I love a bit of a gym class too and enjoy burning off those calories so I can have a couple of Gins or glasses of fizz.

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