5 Signs It’s Time To Switch Your Dog’s Food

5 Signs It’s Time To Switch Your Dog’s Food

As a pet parent, there’s no doubt you want to do everything you can to keep your pup as healthy and happy as possible. While finding the most comfortable dog bed is important to your pet’s happiness, a fundamental part of your pet’s health weighs entirely on their dietary habits. Unfortunately, if your dog doesn’t get enough of the right nutrients, they will be at a higher risk of developing certain health ailments, just like humans. 

So we have listed some red flags that are feeding your pet the wrong food. 

Diarrhea And Vomiting

Vomiting and diarrhea are the most obvious signs to consider switching pet food. With this, your pet’s stool doesn’t have to be very watery; canine stools should not be loose at all. These complaints can also lead to more serious health concerns in the long run. Moreover, when it comes to chronic vomiting, your pet might be battling to digest food properly.

Chronic Itching

While fleas and sensitive skin are often behind chronic itching, if these common culprits aren’t to blame, it’s wise to switch dog food brands. A prominent sign of allergies in canines is dry and itchy skin. Unfortunately, canines can be allergic to just about anything, so their food might be triggering allergies. 

If allergies are an ongoing issue for your pup, it’s worthwhile to find pet food services that offer tailored meals for your pet, like Pure’s healthy dog food. This way, you can be sure your dog is getting all the right nutrients, despite any allergy concerns. 

Weight Management Concerns

It’s just as important for pets to maintain a healthy weight as it is for humans. An unhealthy weight can lead to severe health conditions in the long run and may even shorten your pup’s life expectancy. 

So if you are battling to keep your dog at a healthy weight despite routine walks and enough exercise, it’s wise to switch to a pet food that can help your pet slim down without going hungry. 

Lack Of Energy

Some dog food brands offer dogs no more than ground-up bones and a few fortified nutrients. But more often than not, the nutritional value of these dog foods is just not enough to keep a canine’s energy levels high enough. 

If your dog seems to be increasingly lethargic, it’s best to consider switching to a pet food with more nutrients. The right pet food can keep your dog active and happy throughout the day. 

A Dull Coat And Excessive Hair Shed

Even though you can’t stop your dog from shedding hair entirely, you can reduce the amount of hair shed by switching pet foods. The wrong pet food will impact the health of your pup’s coat, so if your pet’s hair seems dull and dry, a poor diet is likely the culprit. 

Switching to the right dog food brand can restore a shiny coat in a week or two and minimize hair shed to a healthy amount. 

While switching pet foods can soothe various health issues in canines, it’s always best to visit the vet before treating any symptoms. Your vet will be able to identify the root cause of any health concerns and recommend ideal dietary needs. 

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