Parenthood Uncut

Parenthood Uncut

Being a parent is an all-encompassing, never-ending siege on the mind, body and soul. We’ve all sat, dead-eyed on a park bench, wondering why Postman Pat got married so late in life, who the hell commissioned ‘Me Too’, and how much coffee is it acceptable to drink before noon (answer: six cups). Andy Bush seeks to gives us resolution in his exclusive series of illustrations for The Motherload®. Welcome to Parenthood Uncut.

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About Andy Bush

Afternoon show presenter on Absolute Radio, cartoons for Huffington Post and Q Mag, dad to amazing 6 year old Erin.



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Image credit: Illustrations by Andy Bush

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  1. Weary_Matriarch

    30th May 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Flipping love the Waybuloo one. Brilliant.

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