Autumn Activities: Firework Paintings

Autumn Activities: Firework Paintings

Autumn is here! On the one hand, it’s lovely: crunching through leaves in the park on a bright day. On the other hand, there are the dark afternoons, not to mention the rainy days. As we’re all going to be spending a lot more time indoors, we thought we’d put together a few inexpensive and completely free activities to help entertain the kids at home and stop everyone going around the loop with cabin fever. Most of them will use things you have around the house too. Feel free to share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

Without further ado, I give you…

Firework Paintings!

Feeling like you want to do some extra housework? All ready to make your house look like the Christmas Glitter Fairy has visited at the start of November? Want to be reminded why you pay for pre-school twice a week? Then give Firework painting a go…

I saw something (obviously on Pinterest) about putting paint in a salad spinner, but even Im not that stupid – thats definitely one for pre-school. We decided to use up the old toilet rolls that seem to accumulate at the side of the toilet, have some scissor practice and then get stamping the old Catherine Wheels.

You will need

Black paper

Poster paints

Toilet/kitchen roll tubes




Collect together as many toilet roll tubes as you can find, we found that one per colour was best. Get the kids to practice their cutting by making cuts around one end of each tube about 1cm apart so that the tube fans out. Put different coloured paint onto paper plates (for ease of clearing up afterwards!) and get stamping! While the paint is still wet sprinkle (or tip!) thousands of pots of glitter all over the paint then throw it all around the kitchen resulting in the creation of absolutely bootfulpictures of fireworks.

Obviously ours didnt look like the Pinterest example that I found, but we had so much fun and we are all ready for our sparklers on Saturday.not so sure that the dog is so impressed with his new glittery dothough.

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