#BeMoreMOLO: A Molo In Need!

#BeMoreMOLO: A Molo In Need!

“B has been admitted to hospital overnight, I haven’t eaten since before we got here at 2pm and we’ve just missed the dinner on the ward! I can’t leave his side, and I can’t call a takeout in. Nightmare!”

Paloma – one of our generous and dedicated moderators on The Motherload®, sent this message through to us after her little boy had been admitted to hospital this afternoon. In need of further monitoring overnight, she was concerned and loathe to leave his side when he needed her the most. So what could she do? As with most hospitals, Lewisham could only offer B a meal, and he needed it to keep his strength up; and much to Paloma’s relief, he had found his appetite and tucked into his sandwich and banana. 

With 30,500 amazingly generous hearted women on The Motherload®, we knew that there was help for Paloma in her hour of need and so we quickly drafted a post to the MOLOs, shouting out for a friendly Motherloader to nip to the hospital with a little snack to keep Paloma going through the night.

Within just eight minutes, 130-odd likes and nearly eighty comments, Helen Hamston, simply yet incredibly generously, wrote “I CAN!”. And so she contacted the team and Paloma by private message, and organised with Paloma to visit. Only Helen wasn’t alone in her mission – she had her four children, including her tiny baby, with her! 

Molo in needAfter checking with Paloma as to what she might need, Helen ventured to Marks & Spencer to forage for goodies. And boy, did she do the MOLOs proud. Not only did she stock up on sandwiches, snacks and magazines, but also the essentials: wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste, and critically, Gin and tonic in a can! And that’s not all – she even added in some crayons and colouring book for B when he was ready for an activity to keep him distracted. 

The MOLOs were incredibly touched by Helen’s endeavours! Wendy wrote, “Helen, you are amazing!”, while Jen C Brown commented that she had been ‘totally reduced to pregnant lady tears . I really hope that all of us have someone like you in our hour of need”  and Victoria posted, “Molos in action. Love this thread!!” Emma added, “Awesome! Hope your son gets well soon Paloma and love this great group!” while Freja was incredibly touched by the kindness of the MOLO community, “I love this community and the strength, love and solidarity that is shown to each and every MOLO. I’m nowhere near you, but I’m sending lots and lots of love and positivity” and this is just a handful of the wonderfully supportive comments sent to Paloma, and love to Helen for her generosity. 

While we see these acts of kindness regularly on The Motherload®, we are always amazed at the way MOLOs will go out of their way to support each other in a moment of need, and the strength of the network that we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of. When the chips are down, there is always a MOLO ready to help out and this has been proven so many times! When women come together to support each other, we are an incredible force to be reckoned with. That’s why we always strive to celebrate even the smallest act of kindness on The Motherload®, and encourage others to #BeMoreMolo.

Many thanks to Helen Hamston for reaching out to another MOLO (especially with GIN!) – do check out her website, Mummy’s Gin Fund, which is also a brilliant and supportive community on Facebook in it’s own right.

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