A Blogzine By Mothers, for Mothers (& Women)

A Blogzine By Mothers, for Mothers (& Women)

The concept behind The Motherload® is simple; everything we do is about empowering women – especially mothers.

Our belief

We believe that women can be the best mothers that they can possibly be when they are supported, advised and treated with kindness and that extends across our groups, our website and social media. This blogzine forms an important part of that because this is where our writers share their experiences, their testimonies and their opinions so that you don’t feel alone, or like you are the only one experiencing something – like PND, for example. But we think motherhood should come with a life-size dollop of humour. There are so many darkly funny moments raising children, from things you never thought you would find yourself saying, to the amazing things our kids draw or come out with. There are moments to share when you can’t tell anyone else, because they ‘don’t get it’. We get it!

Our writing team

All of our writers are members of our community, many from the very beginning. They write as MOLOs, for MOLOs, meaning that everything you find on the site has been written by someone exactly like you. There are no holds barred on The Motherload®; our writers are candid, honest and share their experiences and thoughts with you like a friend, or a sister would. Please support them by sharing their musing, mutterings, and words – you can find the share buttons on each page for nearly every platform and if you love it, it’s likely your friends and family will too.

Tell us your thoughts

We love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Please do comment on Facebook, or on the blogs themselves and let us know whether you agree, or whether what you have read has resonated, or echoed your own experience. If you don’t agree, that’s fine too! We love to hear from you because it not only shows the writers that you are reading, but it also helps us to shape the content that you find on The Motherload® website.

If you wish to join our writing team and have something to say to our readers, then don’t hesitate to pitch and idea, or a blog submission to our editor, Alison. Unfortunately we can’t accept previously published work (including on your own blog) but we love to hear your ideas and creativity and look forward to welcoming you to our Blogger & Contributor team. Email alison@the-motherload.co.uk.

Kate Dyson

Kate is the Founder of The Motherload, the 'owner' of one husband, two daughters, two cats and one rabbit. She loves wine, loathes exercise and fervently believes in the power of women supporting women. Find me on instagram: @themotherloadhq

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