Body Beautiful: The Inverted Triangle

To kick off The Motherload’s Body Beautiful series, stylist Anna Shaw talked us through the basic body shapes which most of us have after having babies. She’s looking at each different body shape in detail, one blog at a time, and puts together a virtual wardrobe just for you. This month:

The Inverted Triangle

Do you ever feel like your upper body is out of proportion with your bottom half? Do you have an issue with your broad shoulders? Are they wider than your hips? If so, your body shape is a classic inverted triangle (IT).

A frequent complaint from my IT clients is that they don’t feel their shape is feminine enough. The combination of dominating shoulders, a modest bust and narrow hips make them overly conscious of their lack of curves. These, I would argue, are all highly desirable qualities. Plus, if you’re an inverted triangle, the chances are you have cracking legs and toned arms.  

In terms of feeling your best and maximising body confidence, I would recommend following a couple of simple rules when buying clothes and getting dressed. It’s all about creating a body balance, streamlining the dominating areas and focusing on your assets. By softening your shoulders, drawing attention to your waist and adding weight to your hips you can easily create the illusion of some curves.

Here are some of my top tips and buys on the high street right now:


Never wear a sleeve that cuts you off mid-shoulder and focus on wearing tops with all the detailing around the middle so they draw the eye down. Ruffles, peplums and vertical features are all excellent choices. I love this frilly blouse, and this asymmetric top, both from Zara.


Always remove shoulder pads (goes without saying!) and again focus on longer sleeves that streamline your arms. Cinched in blazers with detailing around the middle and waterfall draping are all extremely flattering choices. The wide lapels and feature pockets on this beautiful duster coat from Top Shop will draw the eye in and down:

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 20.05.42

Go get your hands on it


Avoid skirts that are too tight as they’ll highlight your slimmer lower half. Go for anything A-line/fit and flair and accentuate your waist. I love this faux leather skirt from & Other Stories:


Avoid anything that’s too tight and instead show off your waist and go for something with detailing and body at the bottom.  

The plunging neckline of this dress from & Other Stories, with its cinched waist and rounded hemline draw the eye in and down. It’s also the perfect Christmas party frock!

Likewise, the central vertical detailing on the bodice of this dress from Asos draws the eye in and the flaired midi skirt adds volume to your lower half:


Best to go for wider, boot-cut or flared trousers and showing off a bit of ankle will accentuate the impression of curves. If you really want to wear a skinny jean, opt for something more statement like a faded denim to add detail to your bottom half. Pleated cropped trousers like these from Urban Outfitters are a great option:


With slim legs like yours you can definitely put off strappy shoes of every description. Here are a couple of my favourites on the high street right now, a gorgeous pair with block heels and these amazing strappy ones, both from Office.

Block Heel  office strappy shoes

Get These Block Heels and Amazing Strappy Shoes

I dare any inverted triangle out there not to feel fabulous and extremely feminine in one or all of the above. Happy shopping MOLOs!

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About Anna Shaw

I am a personal stylist and colour analyst who specialises in working with individuals in need of a confidence boost, particularly following periods of life change, ill health and a change to body shape. Looking good can help us to feel better…





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