Six Mums Try: Bubble Babysitting App

Six Mums Try: Bubble Babysitting App

Bubble app is getting even bigger with babysitters now available not just across London but in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh, Essex, Kent, Oxford and Surrey.  We introduced six Motherload Bloggers to the app, and got them to try it out.  Here’s how they got on…

Beezy Marsh, from Oxford used Bubble for a rare night out with her husband…

A night out for us  is almost as rare as a blue moon, as we live in the middle of nowhere with only our friend’s kids for babysitting  – and they are getting to university age. So, Bubble was a really exciting prospect and it didn’t disappoint. The first two sitters we tried were booked but we got lucky with the third on a Saturday night. She was great  – a qualified nanny and a martial arts black belt too, which I thought might come in handy with my two boys.

I was a teeny bit nervous about leaving the boys with someone they had never met but she had them playing nerf gun wars in no time and was well able to get them to go to bed on time (better than me in fact!). We had a great, stress-free night out at a restaurant and movie and extended our sit to five hours because she said she was happy for us to do that. We will definitely use Bubble again and this sitter in particular  – it was brilliant. A real bonus if you don’t have family living near by to rely on.

Beezy Marsh

Leanne Simons from Cambridge

Leanne used Bubble to have some much-needed me-time…

Four months into being a parent of two under two and I’m absolutely shattered, so I was really keen to try the Bubble app for a bit of respite. It’s really straightforward, which is good because my mind is constantly whirring with all the things I need to do in a day. I was pleased to be able to click the express book button, input the day and time I was after help and then wait for someone to accept.

With only nine sitters listed in Cambridge it did take some time for an acceptance but I’m sure as the app’s popularity grows here, more sitters will join. I liked being able to read profiles of the sitters and there’s no obligation to accept a sitter once they confirm availability. The majority of people listed work in childcare or as nannies which helps alleviate the nerves of entrusting your children to someone else.

The sitter I booked has been a nanny for 14 years and straight away got down on the floor to play with my boys. I hot-footed it upstairs where I spent a blissful two hours lounging in my bed watching Big Little Lies while eating chocolate and drinking wine. A pretty great way to spend a Friday afternoon and welcome respite from an exhausting week. I’d definitely use Bubble to book future time-out sessions for myself. It’s convenient, easy and covers every step from booking to paying which means no stress or last minute dashes to the cashpoint.

Leanne Simons

Find your perfect date night with Bubble in our fun quiz – play to the end to get £10 off your first sit! 

Amy Borg from Manchester

Amy used Bubble to go for drinks with her husband

We were a little dubious about using the app at first, in four-and-a-half years of parenting we’ve never let a ‘stranger’ babysit our child (mainly because she’s so difficult to put to bed!)  I found Bubble simple to use – give a few details about where you live, how many kids and pets you’ve got and away you go – lots of local babysitters pop up. I loved that you could see their pictures, read a little about them and check out their experience and credentials really easily.  I sent a booking request to the one I thought most suitable and had it rejected, so I decided to try out the ‘express’ function. This works a little differently, and ‘pings’ all the local babysitters, and they only come back to you if they can definitely do the sit. I was asking at 4pm for a sit to beginning at 6pm and someone got back to me within a couple of minutes. She was a primary school teacher, who loved the outdoors and animals. Booked!
Sinead turned up right on time and spent a few minutes chatting to us about our daughter and getting to know her. She put us at ease straight away, made sure we had her number ‘just in case’, made sure she knew where everything was, and once we saw our girl was happy, off we went. My husband admitted he’d not been keen on having someone we’d never met looking after our daughter, but that he too had been quickly put at ease by Sinead, and that the app made him feel more confident. We had a blissful two hours chatting and catching up, and headed home to find Sinead and our daughter were best of friends. They’d even done some letters and numbers and Sinead told us she’s ‘so ready for school’. The fact we didn’t have to faff about getting cash and could literally both just press a button on the app and it was all sorted was simple and brilliant.
We concluded that we really liked the idea, and as we don’t have parents close by, Bubble might just be a life-saver for us in future, the express booking service is inspired. Oh and the four-year-old is already asking when Sinead is coming back to play! Overall I’m really impressed and even the cynical husband had to agree.

Find out more about Bubble app here

Lyanne Nicholl from Kent used Bubble to catch up on chores

We were nervous about trying the Bubble app, as we usually only use babysitters we know very well. However, looking at the app – we could see quite clearly a wide range of individuals to choose from, some with fantastic experience. We booked ‘Sian’, who was studying childcare and had extensive experience. Sian wrote a long profile and reassured prospective ‘users’ that she knew it was difficult to trust someone new with your precious children.

We used the time to introduce Sian to our son and get on with jobs that needed doing in the house. Sian played with our son and read to him and he settled with her really quickly. The best thing about the app is how user-friendly it is – even for a technophobe like me! Browsing, booking and paying was all effortless. We will definitely use Bubble again.

Lyanne Nicholl

Jacki Badger from Bristol

Jacki used Bubble to chill out in a cafe

I’m deeply sceptical when it comes to getting things from apps. I met my husband before Tinder became a thing. I’ve never stayed in an Airbnb. I’m not entirely sure I even trust Deliveroo, but it turns out my love of pizza outweighs my wariness. So getting a babysitter from an app seemed a mad idea. Until it became apparent that I’d maybe never leave the house without a baby in tow unless I tried it.

And God I’m glad I did. My original babysitter had to cancel because she got the flu, and rather than having to cancel my incredibly important plans to have a sit down in a cafe and drink a hot cup of tea, I was able to grab another one within half an hour. I just used the “Express Book” option, and found Alex, who I think my son possibly loved more than me. He seemed to be ushering me out of the house so he could have her to himself – as much as a 13 month old can usher a person, that is. And when I got back, Alex had even managed to get the tiny nap refuser to have a 50 minute snooze. The traitor.

My son, not Alex. Alex is my new favourite person, and I’ve already recommended her and Bubble to all my friends.

Jacki Badger

Rebecca Gurnham from Tring used Bubble to relax with a book

I really need a break.  My much relied-upon husband was away for two weeks and solo-parenting, night and day, is exhausting.  Yesterday was my birthday and what better way to treat myself than to purchase two hours of precious me-time, courtesy of the Bubble babysitting app.   Within minutes, I’m scrolling through possible local sitters: energetic uni students charging £7.50/h to fully qualified and experienced nannies at £12/h.  All have been verified and the idea is that eventually, you’ll share sitters with friends and be guided by trusted reviews and recommendations.

Still in its infancy in our area, it takes me a couple of days to confirm a sitter.  My first choice sitter is away at university and others didn’t reply.  Finally, the most experienced of my options replies with a positive response and I’m keen to lock in a session.  She doesn’t have any online reviews yet, but arrives with a folder bursting with references, a recent CV and a current DBS check.  By pre-arrangement, she also brings her little girl along who’s slightly younger than my youngest.  I’m more than fine with this and trust her professionalism and experience.

On arrival, she gets straight into meeting the boys and engaging them in some creative play.  I read through her folder, ask questions and check she’s happy with the set up.  I then use the time to catch up on household stuff before grabbing my coat, book and wallet.  At the local cafe, I read three chapters and slowly savour an uninterrupted brunch for one.  I’m home an hour later and the boys are happy, fed and calm.  I’m energised, stuffed, but hungry to be back with my children.  There’s no scuffling with cash or change.  There’s no awkwardness with future dates or diaries.  The Bubble app will take care of all that.

Rebecca Gurnham

Find your perfect date night with Bubble in our fun quiz – play to the end to get £10 off your first sit! You can download Bubble app for IOS and Android, and follow Bubble on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Bubble has paid for this review, but as ever, we review any experience on The Motherload® as truthfully as possible in keeping with our ethos. 
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