Charlotte Harley Candles

Charlotte Harley Candles

The Store Spotlight: Charlotte Harley Candles

Charlotte Harley first thought of creating her own candles while pregnant with her first child in 2012. “I have been a huge fan of scented candles for a long time, but I was worried to discover that the brands I had enjoyed burning were made of paraffin wax and contained quite a few nasties in them; namely paraffins and various toxins.”

Buoyed by this concerning discovery, Charlotte looked into creating her own candles. “I was worried to think of inhaling the sooty smoke from a candle and that it might not only affect me, but my unborn baby too. Using soy wax to create luxurious candles made much more sense to me as it not only created a cleaner burn and offered a longer burn time but it was eco friendly and kind to you and your family”

Charlotte creates every candle herself in her kitchen (“It looks like a science lab! No mean feat when juggling candle making with a newborn and a three year old!”), and they are all hand poured in small batches which makes each one unique. Each organic candle is made with eco-friendly soy wax, the very finest aromatherapy grade essential oils, organic cotton wick… and NOTHING else.

Charlotte firmly believes in offering superior quality, and offers a long burn time of approximately 40 hours for a 30l candle,  and 30 hours for 27cl. Every candle is handmade and checked by Charlotte herself so that she can be reassured that you’ll be 100% happy with your gift or purchase. Delivery is between 3-5 days; but if you need it sooner than that, just pop an email to Charlotte and she’ll do her best to get it to you sooner! (Additional delivery charges may apply.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.37.20Charlotte is also very happy to offer a bespoke service, and can make a custom order to your specification. She can create a scent of your choice in any size, by either using a single oil scent or blending a combination of essential oils. She doesn’t use any synthetic fragrance oils in her candles, so occasionally it may not be possible to create the exact scent that you imagine – but after working with you to find a scent that you are happy with and tailored to you, we are more than convinced that this won’t matter a jot. In fact, at The Motherload®, we love the idea that your home could smell absolutely heavenly from a fragrance that you have created with Charlotte’s help and is completely unique to you.

With prices starting at only £15 for 27cl, Charlotte Harley Candles will gently fill your home with beautiful scents, creating the PERFECT ambiance. With an extensive range of scents to choose from, each candle will indulge your mood and enhance your wellbeing.

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You can discover more about Charlotte and her beautifully scented candles at:

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