Confessions of a Book Addict

Confessions of a Book Addict

My pace quickens; my heart races.  If I wasn’t so self-conscious I would break into a “mum run”(half running and walking – you know, the one when you are little late for the school run or meeting)

I have had this date etched into my brain for nearly a month. Wanting it to arrive but hoping that somehow time stands still.

It’s Library Day!

My name is Clara, I’m a 37 year old mum of two; responsible, solvent (ish) and ADDICTED TO READING.

BOOKS: WORDS: BLOGS: The list is endless.

As a child, I would literally read a cereal box if it was close to me, and I would find every opportunity to grab a book. This need to read carried on through my school years – from A Level English to elective literature modules during my degree.

I suppose you could call me a “dealer”, my drug of chose being prose rather than pills; my friends and family call me the “book lady” as that is usually what they are gifted for Christmas, Birthdays, Christenings… You get the drift.

The pinnacle of my reading life so far has been finding a local book club; can you imagine, HAVING to read a book a month, exploring new authors and styles you haven’t usually considered…sorry, got distracted there.

This is my call to find my online tribe; if you match any of these, then you are an addict just like me.

·         Your spare money goes on books

·         You window-shop in Waterstones (other good book shops are available)

·         You have a massive “to read” pile, but you still find space for a few more

·         You get genuinely excited about library visits (I actually pause to sniff the “book smell”)

·         You will hide from your children in the bathroom when you have a good book on the go.

Stand proud and confident; don’t be ashamed! Now, which book should I read next?

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About Clara Wilcox

Clara runs The Balance Collective. She is a mum of two with over a decade’s experience in recruitment and coaching. She offers career and return to work coaching for parents and flexible working consultancy and workshops for businesses. Find out more on The Balance Collective website or find Clara on Facebook, Twitter or connect with on LinkedIn!



Clara Wilcox

She lives in Birmingham with her two daughters, one husband, two cats. When she's not coaching people, you'll find her in reading and eating chocolate. Clara runs The Balance Collective, a social enterprise focused on improving the lives of parents, by working together to build inner confidence and promote a healthy work/life balance. As a Coach and Mentor, she helps people navigate the tricky waters of returning to work, career changes, starting a business and professional development. She is also the author of "What Now: An Honest Guide to Miscarriage, Baby Loss, Parenting, Mental Health and Rebuilding Your Identity. Available on Amazon NOW