How to Cope With Two Under Two

How to Cope With Two Under Two

There are days when me and the little ones get up eat a healthy breakfast and go to a play group. Then there are days when we stay in our pyjamas watch cartoons and eat ice lollies.

On the days we venture out of the house I often hear the phrase “You’ve got your hands full!” to which I always reply with a wry smile “I certainly have”.

Here are my top tips for coping with two children under two:


There are so many amazing benefits to investing in a good comfortable sling or harness. Not only do you have both hands free to deal with child number one, carrying your baby has been shown to reduce crying overall by 42%. Mums who carry their baby are also twice as likely to breastfeed as it promotes skin to skin bonding. It is great for babies with reflux because it keeps them in an upright position.

Be kind to yourself

I know it’s easier said than done, my house looks like I’ve been burgled 95% of the time, but does it matter? I am somewhat of a control freak so this has been the hardest thing for me to accept. If I leave the pots till tomorrow will my world implode? Housework can wait, babies can’t.

Make your life simple

Easy food has become my life. My slow cooker has become my best friend. It’s great for making things in advance when I have a few spare minutes. It is possible to eat healthy and cook quick, easy meals; pre-made Ravioli cooks in 3 minutes….win! Some supermarkets also offer free home delivery if you sign up for a trial. I never want to face another shopping trip toddler meltdown again.

Take help when it’s offered

Don’t be too proud to accept help, or ask if you need it. “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” (has to be read in an Italian accent). It’s amazing what a bit of time to yourself can do. I’m pretty sure it makes me a better parent. Occasionally, at the weekend, I hide in bed for as long as I can, pretending I’m asleep so my other half has to take over whilst I scroll my news feed. I’ve mastered the art of hiding my phone under my pillow whenever I hear footsteps.

Mum friends are the best

They know what we’re going through. Not only can they offer invaluable advice but an hour with a mum friend can be the most reassuring hour of your life. You can guarantee that they’re also worrying that their toddler will only eat beige food and they’re spending just as much time as you are, wondering how they’re going to get them to eat the £20 worth of fruit and veg you bought the other day.

It’s all a phase

When it’s all getting a bit chaotic I take a deep breath and remember that one day, my babies will be grown up, and that I’ll miss the madness and long for the days my children were little.

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