End of Term Panic

End of Term Panic


It’s two more sleeps until the last day of term AND I AM NOT READY! Not only am I not ready for the end of term, but the idea of six weeks of juggling noise, tantrums and being eaten out of house and home fills me with dread.


So far, over the last few weeks, we have managed to not forget school trips, school discos, school sleepovers, non-uniform days, splash days, sports days, football matches, swimming lessons, homework, birthday parties (multiple ones, everything has to be multiplied by 2 for me as I have two monsters, god knows how people with more survive). Not only that, but I have work I’m desperately trying to wrap up work so that I can pretend to be a good mother over the summer and take them places and do fun stuff.

But we’re on the home-straight we can do it, and last night, just as I thought I was on top of things, I suddenly remembered teacher gifts, and that’s when I remember this post I was all set to write a month ago. You see, in mid-June I thought I was on fire. I had planned to write a detailed post for all teachers, to make them aware of what impacts their end of term gift experience.

Instead I’ll cover it off in five simple bullet points.

1. Glitter

2. Not knowing which child is mine after the first term

3. Homework that turns out to be a crafting project

4. Homework that actually is too hard for me to do

5. Teaching my child the recorder.

ANYWAY, I’ve realised I’ve run out of time to order something personalised from the interweb. So what shall I do? Oh come on! DO NOT EVEN SUGGEST that I still have time for ‘handmade and thoughtful’ after school tonight, have you seen the weather? I think it would be a TRAVESTY for my children to have to spend any more time indoors – they should be on the trampoline and in the paddling pool.

And I should be Mum-bathing with a gin and tonic.

I’m doing the only thing I think is right. I’m opting for booze, because after all, if I feel the need for a drink, post-school run with just two of the little terrors, I have no idea how they’re holding it together with 30 of them.

So with that in mind, let’s raise a glass to all the teachers who are on the countdown to the holidays. The teachers who will be getting pissed on Thursday night for entirely the opposite reason that the parents will be getting pissed.

Those who we curse quietly for requesting empty loo rolls via text at 5pm on a Thursday. For Friday morning. Those teachers who I swear work hard on school productions just to make us cry, and all of them for keeping our little cherubs learning, no matter how “spirited” they are.

Happy Summer holidays – I’m terrified I’m not going to make it to the other side!

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Aimee never remembers her age. Not because she is in denial, she just appears to be physically incapable of doing so. It’s her birthday on Friday 18th March though (JUST SAYING). She’s an author who does a bit of branding on the side, and lives with her husband and two children in Lincoln. When Aimee isn’t working all hours God sends, she likes to drink gin, cook, and run.

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Aimee Horton

Aimee never remembers her age. Not because she is in denial, she just appears to be physically incapable of doing so. She’s an author who does a bit of branding on the side, and lives with her husband and two children in Lincoln. When Aimee isn’t working all hours god sends, she likes to drink gin, cook, and run. She’s also a trustee of a multi-academy trust and is a bit addicted to the Œhomes abroad section on Rightmove.co.uk.

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