The Fear Of Getting Pregnant is Real

The Fear Of Getting Pregnant is Real

I’m scared of getting pregnant. I’m aware this looks and sounds like a ridiculous statement when I personally know several couples struggling to conceive and see the agony they’re going through.

But still… There’s the thought. There’s my reality: I’m scared of getting pregnant. I have two beautiful boys and feel our family’s complete. The Fear of Getting Pregnant – or FOGP is real.

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But here’s the problem: both of those boys were conceived INSTANTLY. Literally, the moment we started trying. Don’t get me wrong – I know how lucky this is. We’ve never experienced the agony of a negative test, over months or years.

But at the other end of the scale – at the END of trying to be a mum – I am fearful. We’re clearly amongst that lucky super-fertile few. What happens if my contraception fails and it happens again?
My husband doesn’t want the snip. And after two pregnancies resulting in two emergency c-sections, I feel like my body’s been through enough without putting it through sterilisation too.
So where does this leave me? In a sort of limbo I guess. We could argue about options, or we could leave it and hope for the best.
What I do know is how lucky I am to have a great husband and two lovely, lively, healthy boys. And that, for me, is enough.

About Sophie Law

Sophie is a thirtysomething mum of two, a big eater of food and drinker of wine (of which her favourites are Kung Fu Girl Riesling and Chateau Musar, in case you were going to buy her a bottle for… you know… just being fabulous.

She lives 2 disappointing miles short of the Cotswolds with her husband and boys in a chaotic house of farts, fun and love.

When she’s not arsing around with writing, she is a radio presenter, producer and journalist and also a jobbing voiceover artist.


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Sophie Law

Sophie lives with her husband and two sons in a village six disappointing miles short of the Cotswolds. She’s a radio presenter, voiceover artist and lover of food, wine and shoes.

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