Haven’t Yet

Haven’t Yet

You’ve never spoken a word,
No you haven’t done that yet.
You’ve not taken your first steps,
No you haven’t learnt that yet.

You’ve never shouted you hate me,
Never yelled for me to go away.
You’ve not yet kicked me or thrown something at me,
No you haven’t hurt me yet.

You haven’t yet refused to wear what I say,
Haven’t yet refused to eat what I make.
Haven’t yet screamed on the floor in the shops
And haven’t yet seen me walk away.

I haven’t yet shouted so hard that it hurts,
Or been so mad that I shook.
I haven’t yet felt so angry I could burst,
No I haven’t done that yet.

I haven’t yet picked you up a little too hard,
Or grabbed your arm a little too tight.
I haven’t had to pin you down to wash your face.
No, that won’t happen tonight.

You haven’t yet slammed the door on me,
I haven’t yet been glad that you did.
I haven’t yet wondered why I had you,
Or questioned my life with you in it.

I haven’t yet scared you,
I haven’t yet scared myself.

We haven’t yet made each other cry,
And haven’t yet hugged to say sorry.
I haven’t yet let you down my baby.
No I haven’t done that yet.

About Louise Rogers

Sometimes Vogue, Sometimes Vague: 34 year old mum to two girls. Lover of country music and sci-fi. Former professional bridal model (still dabbling with a bit of catwalk here and there!).

Image: Louise Rogers

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