How CBD Works for Anxiety

How CBD Works for Anxiety

For people who are living with an anxiety disorder, unwelcome symptoms like racing thoughts and a pounding heart can make everyday life feel unbearable. Today, around one in every thirteen people around the world are living with an anxiety disorder, making these some of the most common mental health disorders around the world. Finding a safe and effective method for dealing with and managing symptoms is often a top concern for those who live with anxiety. Some quick-acting anxiety medications might offer instant relief, but these do not usually treat the root cause of the symptoms and may become highly addictive. In addition, long-range anxiety medications may help to reduce the symptoms over time, but they are not always effective for everybody. Today, cannabidiol or CBD has recently gained more popularity as an alternative, complementary treatment option for anxiety. 

What Does the Science Say?

While there is still more research to be done, there have been several studies in recent years on CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders, with growing evidence pointing to the therapeutic potential of this treatment. While most studies on CBD so far have been preclinical and used animal models, there is a growing number of clinical studies with human participants. In 2019, a study featuring 37 teenagers from Japan with social anxiety disorder received 300mg of CBD oil or a placebo each day for one month. The results found that CBD provided anti-anxiety properties that reduced symptoms associated with this disorder, similar to medical drugs commonly used to treat the condition. Interestingly, follow-ups found that nine out of the seventeen participants who received CBD had since decided to seek further treatment, which is not typically usual behaviour for teens suffering from social anxiety. 

How to Consume CBD for Anxiety:

If you are considering using CBD as a tool to help manage the symptoms of anxiety that you experience, it’s important to understand the different methods available and the pros and cons of each one. Since everybody reacts differently to different types of CBD, it’s important to find an option that works well for you. CBD oils and tinctures are consumed orally and provide a quick and easy way to consume CBD. They are taken using a dropper making it easy to measure a correct dosage and rapidly enter the bloodstream allowing the CBD to get to work in as little as ten minutes, making them an ideal choice for anxiety. Look for CBD oil Holland and Barrett from Handpicked CBD. Handpicked CBD provide Holland and Barrett CBD oil and offer a wide range of trusted, high-quality CBD brands to choose from for anxiety. 

Working Out Your Dose:

Existing research suggests that CBD is a safe and effective treatment with very little risk of side effects. While it’s difficult to overdose on CBD, if you are interested in experimenting with this treatment for anxiety, it’s best to take a cautious and informed approach. Some basic factors that you should always consider when determining how much CBD to take include the concentration of the CBD itself, your body weight and metabolism, and the severity of your anxiety symptoms. Bear in mind that the concentration of CBD can vary between different products and is typically expressed in milligrams (mg). 

How to Get Started:

Since everybody reacts to CBD differently, the best way to get started is with a very low dose so that you can determine how you are going to react before going on to try taking more. This is a process known as titration, which means adjusting the dosage of medication to get its maximum benefits without any unwanted side effects. Thankfully, CBD has been shown to be safe even when taken in very high doses, however, when you are just starting out, it’s best to start with a low dose and incrementally increase this, giving you the chance to observe how you feel as you take more. This method allows you to pay attention to any small changes in your body and how you feel as you respond to the small increases in mediation. Since everybody’s optimal tolerance and the dosage is different, this process allows you to figure out yours.

Bear in mind that CBD might do different things at different doses. Overstimulating the body’s endocannabinoid system might worsen symptoms rather than alleviate them. In addition, very high levels of CBD, while not psychoactive, have been known to promote relaxation and sleepiness. On the other hand, low levels of CBD are more likely to result in an elevating, alerted response. Starting on a low dose and moving up slowly is the best way to avoid any unwanted effects and determine the dosage you’re most comfortable with. 

Anxiety can be a frustrating and tiring condition to live with, but CBD might provide some relief. If you are interested in exploring the effects of CBD on anxiety for you, it’s best to take it slow and find the right product and dosage that works for you. 

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