How To Maintain Laminate Flooring?

How To Maintain Laminate Flooring?

Maintaining floors is a hard thing to do, but don’t fret as this article will cover all of the things that are used in maintaining the laminate flooring. With these tips, your laminate flooring will look top notch and brand new, without having to spend a lot of time and money. Laminate floors require just a little bit of attention, but the end results are amazing and you will not believe how easy it is. With some effort, you can extend the life and shine of your laminate flooring.

1. Place Mats To Reduce Scratches

A lot of us have some special furniture which can only be transported via pushing or pulling, or we have pets running around the house with sharp nails. These things can produce scratches on top of the laminate flooring and it can look very bad. So, the best solution to these problems is that, if you have hefty furniture, make sure you are keeping them in one place and putting fluffy rugs or mats underneath the feet of the furniture. With pets, you need to trim their nails every time they outgrow. This will ensure that your laminate flooring is safe from any scratches. 

2. Don’t Use Waxy Varnish

Varnish is a very common thing to use if you have laminate flooring. It is used to add a beautiful sheen and lustrous appearance to the flooring. But the choice of varnish matters a lot as well. You want to steer clear of any varnishes which have a waxy base. This will leave a thick residue of wax on top of the laminate flooring after drying and it looks uneven, if not applied correctly. You should use a light varnish which will serve the purpose but will not leave any unwanted residue on the surface of the floor. 


3. Sweep Everyday

This tip is very important and there should be no excuses in not doing this. Sweeping and cleaning your floors is very important. It removes all of the dust and debris that is collected on the floors on a daily basis. If you have pets and they shed a lot of hair, then sweeping every day is a must. This is something basic that applies not just for laminate flooring, but for all kinds of floors. Cleaning them and sweeping them is just as important as any other thing. So, make sure that you are not skipping this step. 


4. Mopping Is The Answer

Wet mops and steam mopping is amazing for laminate flooring. After dry sweeping of the floors, you will need a wet mop, preferably drenched with water and a simple cleaning solution. Your cleaning solution should be simple with no acid in it, otherwise it will be bad for the flooring. Wet mopping will help to collect even more dust than dry sweeping and your floors will stay cleaner for longer. Just make sure that after mopping, you turn on the fans and let the floors dry completely. Dry floors will be less liable to damage and mould formation. 

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