I Cried When I Was Pregnant Because…

Being pregnant is an emotional roller coaster, as the fabulous MOLOs in The Motherload Facebook community can attest.

This brilliant thread started when Karlee O’Brien shared eight things which had irrationally made her cry whilst being pregnant. And she’s only halfway through her pregnancy…

Reasons I’ve Cried While Pregnant

1. I burnt my toast

2. I was eating grapes while reading a baby app that said my baby was the size of a grape. I cried because I was eating my baby. Didn’t stop me eating the grape though…

3. I threw up in the sink while doing the dishes

4. I couldn’t get my shower the right temperature.

5. My husband did the dishes for me. This is not unusual, he helps whenever I need it.

6. We were at my husband’s cousins house and I started playing with a kids toy where you dressed up a little wooden man in different outfits. I realised I didn’t have all the pieces to finish the outfits. The crying was made worse when my husband and his cousin started putting the clothing items on the wrong body parts. This is not how the game has to be played. My husband’s poor cousin then felt so bad – I was proper sobbing – that he had to take the game away.

7. Any TV ad with animals in it.

8. No damn reason at all. Then I cry harder cause I don’t know why I’m crying. Poor husband gets so confused.

As you’d expect, the MOLOs were ready to make Karlee feel better by sharing their own weird pregnancy crying triggers…

9. I cried because my lamb chops were too big and I didn’t think I could eat it all. I totally ate it all. While still crying. (Rebecca)

10.  I cried when Cilla Black died. And when anyone else mentioned her name, you would have thought she was my gran or something, I was hysterical. (Jo)

11. I cried because I couldn’t find the right cheese in Tesco! (Suzanne)

12. I peeled an orange REALLY good – like got all the pith off and everything. It was the perfect orange. Got up to get something else and OH shoved the whole thing in his mouth!!! I cried but I defo could have killed him. In fact I’d cry now if it happened again. (Nina)

13. I cried because I farted and made myself jump. (Samantha-Jayne)

14. I cried once because I’d made a packed lunch for work and then forgotten it! Half the office was watching when I realised. It’s never been forgotten! (Holly)

15. I cried when my pickled onion monster munch crisps got run over on the zebra crossing! (Simone)

16. The old Lloyds TSB ad with the black horse. Horses delivering milk. Horses with the fire service. Horses in the war. Horses! They’ve been so loyal to us through the decades and what have we done? Sent them off to battlefields! Literally couldn’t care less about horses usually… (Laura)

17. I asked my husband if we could go for a walk together. He said yes. (Anna)

18. Because my four finger Kit Kat had one finger that was entirely chocolate and was missing the wafer bit in the middle. I really like Kit Kats. (Pam)

19. I cried when I lost the stamps I bought. I cried again when I found them…in the fridge. (Mand)

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