#BeMoreMOLO: Love Another Mother

#BeMoreMOLO: Love Another Mother

As part of our #BeMoreMOLO Campaign, this Mother’s Day, we encouraged our members of The Motherload® Facebook Community to ‘Love Another Mother’ and either nominate a MOLO who had committed to an act of kindness for another, or to nominate themselves for something kind that they had recently done, for another mother. 

One good turn deserves another, and so we teamed up with the utterly brilliant and lovely Don’t Buy Her Flowers, who kindly offered one of their fabulous Book Packages for the kindest act nominated. With a choice of amazing books like The Unmumsy Mum Diaries, Hurrah for Gin, How to Make A Baby by Clemmie Hooper and the fabulous Scummy Mummies;  not to mention the addition of a couple of Bloom G&Ts, or Skinny Prosecco, we knew that the MOLOs would LOVE this opportunity, and we weren’t wrong; the entries came flooding in! We had the onerous task of whittling down the entries which included gems such as these:

Hannah: I want to nominate Tracy – she may be my mum but its about time someone stood up and told the world how bloody amazing she is. She is mum to 8 children ranging from 29-3 that in its own deserves a medal. Not only that but she is nanny to 3 and a half grandchildren and my god is she the best damn nan ever. Now for a bit about her, she is one of the most caring, supportive and loving people I have ever known, whether it be a friend or family member she is always there with a listening ear, she never thinks about herself and will willingly drop everything to go and help someone in need whether it is helping someone move house or simply going and helping someone do there housework. She has the biggest heart in the world, over the years she has taken in kids with nowhere to go or people who need to escape their lives. She is an angel who deserves someone to tell her how blooming amazing she is and I’m proud to call her my mum. Mum I love you.

Kate: My lovely friend Jenny has just booked us theatre tickets for next year. Such a huge pick me up, I hadn’t told her how low I’d been this week and she really turned things around with her kindness and thoughtfulness. It’s really given me something to look forward to and a date on the calendar ahead when baby will be old enough for me to be comfortable to leave her for the day. She has also invited me round today and is making lunch for us and has offered to let me have a snooze whilst the boys play! True MOLO and beautiful friend. xx

Claire: If I knew her last name/if she was on here I would nominate ‘Shell’ whose little one was in hospital with mine on Sun/Mon night for making me go and get a cup of tea in the parents room. It took me three hours to get him to sleep and she said she would get me if he woke #legend #abrewfixeseverything

Marie: I want to nominate my friend Amber. We’ve been friends for a few months now, met online, and I’m so glad I we did. We are both huge Harry Potter fans, I was telling her last night how I needed one book to complete my American editions of the books, within 5 minutes she’d only bloody bought me it! Honestly couldn’t believe it. She didn’t have to do this, I didn’t ask her to do this, but she did. My inner geek was crying tears of joy. This lady who lives in a different country, whom I’ve never met in real life is a true MOLO (& Hufflepuff!)

Erin: I’d like to nominate MOLO Leanne Fowler! She’s been bloody amazing in helping me move from London to Whittlesey and has just been an absolute gorgeous person! She’s the most selfless person I know, and we think she’s ace!

Claire: I posted a load of nursing bras and breastpads to a lady on my local breastfeeding page who couldn’t afford any and was really down because she couldn’t go out anywhere for fear of leaking….

So with much to-ing and fro-ing, we chose our winner! This nomination stood out even against the lovely entries above, for the huge act of love between strangers, connected by motherhood. Kerry, who has shared the journey of her beautiful baby Bella, who was born prematurely, wrote:

“I’d like to nominate MOLO Sara Azari who drove over 40 miles to my house to lend me her Babocush when I had posted to The Motherload® asking for advice on colic. How lovely is that?!”

Yes, that’s right. Sara drove over 40 miles to save another mother from worry and concern and deliver her own Babocush for Kerry to try out, and see if it would help her little baby, Bella. 

Love Another Mother
The lovely Sara Azari; our winner of Love Another Mother

Sara said: “I’d never met Kerry before, however I really loved seeing her updates about baby Bella on The Motherload® Group. I felt like we where all on a bit of a journey with Kerry watching Bella getting bigger and stronger with every ounce and the amount of love and support for her on the group was just so lovely and heart warming. I’d also noticed that Kerry and Bella are fairly local to me!

When Kerry mentioned on Facebook how Bella was suffering from bad Colic it took me right back to those LONG and painful nights when my little boy would cry in pain from colic – I felt so hopeless all I could do sometimes was just try and comfort him and have a good cry myself! My partner purchased a Babocush after doing some research online and for us it was a saving grace. As soon as I saw Kerry’s plight for advice I knew exactly what she needed! I couldn’t stand the thought of it sat in my house collecting dust whilst tiny little Bella was in discomfort!

I had a little drive – lots of family and friends live nearby Kerry so I made the most of my time over there and to top it off I got to have cuddles with the completely adorable Bella! Oh – and some beautiful flowers form Kerry! I was so shocked to be nominated let alone win the #BeMoreMOLO Love Another Mother award because I know how many truly amazing MOLOs there are out there (some of them I’m lucky enough to have in my life) and the amount of support and advice I have received since becoming a first time mum has been overwhelming. I’m pretty sure all of you other MOLOs would of done the exact same thing. After all we are all on this rollercoaster together!”

We couldn’t have put it better – and this is truly the essence of what #BeMoreMolo means; helping each other out, with little acts of kindness that can mean SO much to another mother. We love the ‘village’ that is growing between MOLOs, so spread the word, and let’s Love Another Mother every day, not just on Mother’s Day. 

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