MOLO Community: When Two MOLOs Met On Holiday…


We had to share this LOVELY post with you from our fabulous Facebook community. With almost 28,000 members, we know MOLOs are everywhere, but you might not expect to meet up with one while you’re on holiday in Greece!

Laura Thwaites posted this fab photo of her with fellow MOLO Lucy McClenahan on a night out in Kos, on Friday night. The post read:

One from Derbyshire, one from Essex both the same place on holiday!! Both MOLOS!!!! #nevermet #thanksmotherload #holidaybuds

Hundreds of MOLOs liked the post and commented on how amazing it was that they’d found each other so far from home:

Paloma: Love this!

Tamlyn: Awesome! Hope there’s lots of wine!

Samatha: Ooh lovely! I’ll be in Kos next Saturday!

Claire: I want one! I’m in Gran Canaria!

Laura and Lucy had never met before, so we got in touch to find out how two MOLOs could find each other so far from home.

Laura, from Essex is on holiday with her five month old daughter Isla and her husband Dan, for the first time since becoming a mum. She told us:

‘I wrote a post on The Motherload page about how organised I had been bringing everything including my next to me crib away to Kos on holiday and Lucy commented, saying she was flying to the same place the following day. We got chatting and decided to meet up with our families.’

We had a lovely night and are planning to do it again tonight! Even the men got on! 

Lucy, from Derbyshire is mum to five year old Ava and one year old Arlo. She noticed Laura’s post in The Motherload and thought it would be nice to meet up when she and husband Lee got out to Kos. Lucy told The Motherload:

‘It’s always nice to meet people, even better when they’re in the same parenting mindset – aka not a ‘Janet’. You can make some of the best friends on holidays.’

What a brilliant coincidence that two MOLOs had booked into the same hotel at the same time. Have a great time tonight Lucy and Laura – you are officially the furthest-flung MOLO meet-up we’ve seen! Thanks for sharing your story, and happy holidays – have a glass of vino for us!

You can meet MOLOs who live near you via MOLO Mates on The Motherload website (you’re on it right now!) Maybe we need to set up a section for Kos too…

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Image credit: Laura Thwaites/The Motherload


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