Indoor Activities: Making Sensory Bottles

Indoor Activities: Making Sensory Bottles

Babies and toddlers LOVE sensory bottles. And best of all, you can whip them up in a moment from the recycling pile and the contents of the store cupboard.

What you’ll need:     

Empty pop bottles

Lucozade or Ribena work best, you can use Voss, but I don’t believe in spending that kind of cash on bottles of water! (Other brands are available)       

Buttons, beads, feathers, rice, pasta

Pretty much anything that will make a nice noise inside the bottle, or look attractive. I went for lots of colours, but you could choose your child’s favourite colour, or even have solely red, or solely blue for effect.

FUN TIP: If you, like me, had a super-cheesy, light-up Christmas jumper last year, it’s likely it’s got those tiny flashing lights inside, these can be removed (so you can wash the jumper), but they work great inside sensory bottles and have proved a favourite in our house, thrown in with some jingly bells!

Strong glue

Of course, safety is paramount when it comes to anything baby-related, so make sure you’ve got a super strong glue to stick that lid on. Most of the fillings to our bottles are choking hazards, so please always supervise your baby when playing with them.


          Take any labels off the pop bottles & rinse them out thoroughly before use (make sure they’re dry inside before you start the next step), Start by thinking about what type of sensory bottles you want to make, is sound most important? Colour? Or both? I decided I wanted visual & aural stimulation from my sensory bottles so used a mixture of bright coloured beads, buttons, feathers & sequins. Then, FILL ‘EM UP! This is the fun bit, get creative!

TIP: don’t fill the bottles up past half-way. From experience it limits the sound baby can create with it. Fill the cap/lid with glue, and screw back on to the bottle tightly. Leave these to dry overnight.

          VOILA! Your sensory bottles are complete!

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