Personalising your home with vinyl flooring

Personalising your home with vinyl flooring

When you move into a new place or your taste in style changes, you want to represent this change in your home by choosing fixtures and fittings which match your style.

You have every right (as it is your home) to make the changes in design which suit your taste, hobbies, and lifestyle. Your home should be wall to wall with textures, fabrics and furniture which screams YOU! Flooring should be no exception to this change but choosing a new flooring is not always as easy it seems.

So, what kind of personality is your flooring going to offer your new interior?

Bright and light

Natural woods are great when you’re working with rustic metal shades and patterns. It offers a simple foundation which lets the rest of the room take centre stage.

Vinyl natural wood flooring can bring a room together and help it to stay together over time with moisture resistant and anti-scratch properties. Using manufacturing technology, these luscious wood designs leave much to be desired and enough breathing space for the room to hold further intricate elements such as grand lighting and wallpaper which will stand out equally.

Dark and mysterious

If you want to add more depth to your space, then darker wood shades or even slate can centre your space and make it cosy in those long winter months.

Listed buildings or Victorian properties benefit well from dark vinyl flooring as it helps to accentuate the already grand periodic features that the property will host. Think stain glass widow, candelabras, and high ceilings lit up with candles or dimmer operated lights, which will reflect beautifully on a mahogany or chocolate brown flooring.

Stone cold

When you want a modern or contemporary environment, stone effect vinyl flooring can bring your futuristic dreams to life.

Stone can work excellently for rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, helping to keep things light and spacious. Not to mention the incorporation of tile borders and layering patterns. Vinyl tile brings you the simplicity of a clean, even flooring with a multitude of functional benefits such as moisture resistance and anti-slip technology.

Magnitude of choices

So, those are the most popular options on the market when it comes to styling your home, but if you have something different in mind, vinyl flooring is there to help you get creative.

Amtico understand that times are changing and offer a range of flooring styles to suit both old and new interior design preferences. Luvanto offers a range of luxury flooring which is designed around making all properties personal and filled with grandeur. Invictus requires nothing but your biggest design dreams to bring you flooring which will last throughout the decades.

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