Sick As a Dog: Can Pregnancy Voms Ever Be a Bit Nice?

Sick As a Dog: Can Pregnancy Voms Ever Be a Bit Nice?

Morning sickness my arse; all day long nausea topped off by driving the porcelain bus from around 7pm each night. That’s the hand Mother Nature dealt me.

“The sickness should end after week 12…14…16”

“What? You’re still being sick!”

Yes. Right up until Week 20.

And my supersonic sense of smell that had developed, meant that sitting next to someone on the tube who was drinking coffee was impossible. My other half, who’s a chef didn’t just need to stop cooking with herbs (anything green set me off immediately) but he couldn’t even heat food up in the end. “Just eat a cold cheese sandwich for dinner please. No. No mustard. I can smell it”.

Let’s just take a moment now to salute those women who change dirty nappies and prepare family meals in the midst of this awful sickness.

“What? Do you think they deserve a medal?”

“Yes. And a trophy and ideally massive financial compensation.”

Because until you’ve had Beef Rendang come shooting out of your nose with .25 of a second’s warning you can’t truly appreciate how difficult and relentless the situation is.

However, not all voms are equal. They’re really not. You have the aforementioned Beef Rendang situation – horrific. But girls, this is a big tip that could change your life during your dark days, being sick after a nice warm mug of say ginger and honey, is – wait for it – almost nice. It’s sweet and smooth, and doesn’t burn your poor oesophagus that, by this stage, has been to hell and back.

It gets to the stage where you have to decide what to eat based on how it will taste on the way back up. And girls, here’s the good news, the sweet stuff is the best.

So get that chocolate into you!


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