QUIZ: The ‘Dirty’ MOLO Mind IQ Test

QUIZ: The ‘Dirty’ MOLO Mind IQ Test

<Snigger ALERT> If ever there was a quiz for a weekend Wine Time on The Motherload®, this surely has to be it! We love a thread that makes us cringe, or giggle behind our phones – but just how dirty are MOLO’s minds. eh? How many times have we seen a penis in a picture, or a suspicious model handcrafted by our darlings at school? And what does that say about our IQ?

Be warned MOLOs, this quiz isn’t the for the innocent amongst us! We recommend pouring a wine or a gin & tonic before getting started… <wink, wink!>

If it’s not your thing, there’s a fab one about Friends here that you’ll love.

Let us know your result (if you dare!) on the Facebook thread and tag your friends to take the IQ test too. And if you loved this, and fancy another quiz, click below!

Kate Dyson

Kate is the Founder of The Motherload, the 'owner' of one husband, two daughters, two cats and one rabbit. She loves wine, loathes exercise and fervently believes in the power of women supporting women. Find me on instagram: @themotherloadhq

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