Simple Gadget Safety Hacks for Work-from-Home Moms

Simple Gadget Safety Hacks for Work-from-Home Moms

Different gadgets face several risks and threats of theft and spoilage. These expensive tools can get spoiled within seconds! Once you buy smartphones, laptops, desktops, or tablets, you always wish to keep them for as long as possible. This desire may last until you feel the need to upgrade or replace them; safeguarding your gadget from such threats can be challenging. The following hacks may help you stay with your laptops, smartphones, or tablets for a long time:

Get Gadget Protective Gears

Once you purchase a gadget like a laptop or a smartphone, it is best to get protective gear. This way, you would avoid spoilage. Some of the familiar protective gears that gadget owners purchase include laptop bags that have waterproof lining material, screen protectors, and guard cases that prevent radiation effects.

Protecting your smartphones or laptops from radiation and water spillage is essential to enhancing durability. Smartphones tend to fall regularly on the flow or other hard surfaces that may happen. How do these falls happen? Most teenagers enjoy watching movies using phones by placing them on different surfaces like the bedside table where a phone can easily fall and break. The good news is that you can use various protectors to avoid such damages. Using protective gears like the Luckies smartphone projector would effectively protect your phone from falling off as you enjoy your movies.

Screen protectors also play a crucial role in protecting smartphones from breaking into pieces. Sometimes phone screens break and spoil to the point of no repair. Screen protectors come in different types, liquid or glass. A protector of good quality would always offer durability advantages to smartphone users.

Beach lovers would also benefit from good phone protective gear like tough cases, which prevent damages from dust and water. Getting tough smartphone cases would help you during home activities, especially for work-from-home mothers, because you will not be worried about kids pouring water or sand on the phone.

You should also make use of smartphones and laptops in ventilated areas to enhance the regulation of temperature. Extreme temperature can cause overheating in any gadget.

Keeping Gadgets Close

When going to crowded places like meeting strangers, it is vital to keep every gadget you carry close. This way, you get to avoid theft and access to anyone. These laptops and smartphones contain personal items and information. Most people store pictures of family and information about private matters on laptops and phones. Not everybody should be allowed to access such information!

It is impossible to know everyone’s intentions in crowded places! Some people tend to steal misplaced items. Once you avoid leaving your laptops and smartphones anywhere, you will be good! For example, it would be safer for you to always place your bag in front whenever you board buses. When going to places where you are not sure you will have enough time to keep a close eye on your gadget like clubs, it would be best to switch to a low-grade device so that you get peace and enjoy yourself.

For people who tend to misplace phones, it is crucial to get tracking apps on your phone to ensure that you can locate it when it gets misplaced. Locator apps would also save you the stressful moments of asking everyone in social functions about where your phone or laptop is. Once a locator app is installed in your gadget, ensure that you sync it with different devices for effective tracking in case it gets lost. This method may not protect any technological device from theft, but it can easily find misplaced items.

Install Antivirus

One virus can wipe every piece of information from your hard drive! Getting an antivirus is essential to preventing information destruction. Image if a single virus deleted all your work emails! Would you ask for resending favors from your boss? This mess can quickly get cleared by installing an antivirus.

Utilize Information Back-Up Options

This hack is a gadget safety technique that helps people avoid information loss. If you want to get prepared before any smartphone, tablet, or laptop accidents happen, these are the techniques that can work perfectly for you. Well, thank technological inventors for google cloud! Google clouds come in handy with offering information backup.

Use Strong Passwords

Passwords are the ultimate smartphone, tablets, desktops, or laptop protective measures! Once your gadget has a password on it, you will always feel safer around people. Protecting your personal information from everyone’s access is essential in enhancing safety. These passwords also protect your phone from unauthorized operations. For example, pocket friction will not make your phone conduct misdials.

Basic passwords like a four-letter or pin allow for correct guesses whenever people access your personnel information. A longer password would be strong enough to protect your information from easy access and theft. Once you set a password, it would be best to consider backing it up on emails if you forget.

Utilize Gadget Insurances

This digital world has its benefits when it comes to gadget protection. Many people get gadget insurance, especially for costly gadgets. This way, you would always be assured of safety.

You can also get gadget insurance if the gadgets get used for work purposes. Insurances allow you to manage your smartphones, laptops, or desktops well and let the employers worry about safety.

Insurances cover any incurred financial losses, and losing gadgets can be a significant financial blow since these technological devices are costly. If you have bought a recent laptop or smartphone model, you understand how much money goes to acquiring good gadget services! If your phone, tablet, or desktop cost you a few coins, then getting insurance would also ensure that you don’t come out with such losses without compensation.

Install Smart Security Systems at Home

Most burglaries tend to happen in homes where people work during the day. If you leave personal gadgets at home when going to work, it would be crucial to install intelligent security systems. These security systems would always send you notifications whenever strangers enter your home.

This security system would allow you to monitor your locks, unusual activities in your home, and lighting. It is a system that best serves people who tend to get paranoid when leaving gadgets at home.

Pop Sockets

Most people enjoy multitasking! Checking Instagram pages or replying to emails through your smartphone and eating or walking in the house can easily make you drop your phone on the floor. Putting pop sockets on your phone would prevent you from falling since you can quickly grab your phone while on the move. For the people who like taking pictures through car windows, using pop sockets would be a crucial strategy to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Protect Gadgets from Liquid Damage

Drinking water, drinking coffee, drinking juice, or your favorite cocktail! Must it happen next to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Water spillage can occur at any time and unpredictably. One thing leads to another, and your gadget stops functioning. Avoiding liquid spillage on your computer can be easy and challenging at the same time.

You can spill liquid on your phone or drop it inside the liquid. Either way, these are gadget damage that can be easily avoided by being careful.

Avoiding Putting Gadgets on the Edge

Leaving your laptop, tablet, or phone at the edge of tablets or seats can be dangerous because the chances of dropping them down are high. You could get different tools designed for holding smartphones or laptops on the table, chair, or work desk. Many gadget disasters occur because people do not carefully place laptops and phones on surfaces.

Keep it Out of Pet’s and Children’s Reach

Kids and pets love getting involved in any gadget activity! However, these are one of the most dangerous people to laptops and smartphones. Most phone damages occur because pets and kids do not understand how to use them. Unless it is a kid’s or pet’s friendly gadget, it would be best to avoid using laptops or smartphones where kids can reach them.

Pets can easily mistake a phone for a chewing toy! The curiosity in kids would also lead to spinning phones in the hands before dropping them and causing cracking or severe damages. You can easily avoid this by creating a specific safe space to place your gadgets when you are not using them.

Always Work from the Home Office

Having a home office would mean nothing if you don’t use it! Most moms would work from anywhere in the house provided there is comfort. However, this habit increases the risk of work technological devices getting damaged or broken. Home offices would serve as relevant safety places for work gadgets.

The home office is the only place you can ensure your laptops, desktops, and tablets are safe from water spillage and destruction by pets and children. Do you have work rules in the house? As a work-from-mom, it is essential to formulate specific work rules to ensure that everyone in the house respects your work time. For example, you could have a work policy that entails pets and children staying away from your office and gadgets. This idea may seem harsh but relevant for safety!


Keeping technological devices safe at home can be tricky since any household member can easily access everything in a house. It would be best always to have simple hacks that can help prevent gadget damages.

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