Summer Fun: Pokemon Go

Summer Fun: Pokemon Go

You might not know what it actually is and you might not understand what it involves but there is no way you could have failed to hear about the new craze taking over the world; Pokemon Go.

You cannot turn on the TV, pick up a paper, scroll through social media or walk down the street without coming across something Pokemon Go-related.

When I first started hearing about this new craze I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and try to ignore this new silliness.  The word ‘Pokemon’ brought about connotations of sci-fi and computer-loving geeks, cue; Big Bang’s Sheldon Cooper. Nothing wrong with this, just not something that would interest me….or so I thought.

However, after a couple weeks and no sign of this craze going away anywhere soon, curiosity got the better of me and I surrendered to the pressure of Pokemon. Sunday morning seemed a good time to download the Pokemon app, grab the kids and set off Pokemon hunting.

Here is what we discovered from our hunt:

  • Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that involved Pokemon running around loose in the real world. The aim of the game is for the player to hunt and catch the Pokemon.
  • Pokemon cannot be collected from ‘inside’, meaning that you must go outside and walk…a lot. My hopes of doing much walking with Betsy and Teddy were low (usually within 2 mins of walking anywhere they are moaning they are tired!) so I was pleasantly surprised that having a goal (catching Pokemon) provided great motivation as it really caught their attention. It also meant that I was able to enjoy a leisurely, peaceful stroll!
  • Following the trail for Pokemon means that you are not deciding the path that you are taking. Whilst this needs to be treated with caution and can have its risks, it can  also be very exciting. Whilst we were on our hunt we were led to a gorgeous recreation ground that we didn’t know was there. We enjoyed it so much there that it will now be our go-to place this summer.
  • On our hunt, we came across three young teenage boys who were also out playing Pokemon Go. It was so refreshing to seethese young boys outside, occupied and enjoying a physical activity on a Sunday morning.
  • Part of the game involves finding Pokestops, which are connected to various points of interests. This means that you suddenly find your attention drawn to signs, buildings or monuments that you may have walked past a million times without noticing. We came across a beautiful little Baptist Church we had no idea existed.
  • Playing Pokemon Go is nostalgic. You feel like a child out looking for these characters in the real world; and for the duration of your hunt you are able to switch off and believe in childish concepts in a world so full of doom and gloom.

It’s the summer holidays. Parents have countless days to fill with entertainment and a budget to adhere to. Pokemon Go is a free app so download it, you have nothing to lose. Get your little Pokemon hunters ready and go catch them all.

One warning: prepare to get addicted or like me find that you have to resist the urge to take the phone from your children so you can play yourself.

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