#ThankYouTeacher: With intu Gift Cards

#ThankYouTeacher: With intu Gift Cards

Teachers make the most incredible impact on our lives. Guiding us, opening our eyes to the world, inspiring us and sparking passions which can last a lifetime. As parents we experience it all over again with our children, seeing their minds open up to reading, maths, science, different cultures, friendships, music. At the heart of it all are the teachers who we entrust our children to, allowing them to shape them as people.

We asked members of The Motherload® Facebook community to help us and intu Gift Cards say #ThankYouTeacher, by telling us what makes their child’s teacher special, and they didn’t disappoint.

Teachers, we salute you.

Katie Pudney: My daughter is coming to the end of her reception year. she is the youngest in her year group and this is something I worried about from the get go. My daughter’s teacher, Miss Holme, has been nothing short of wonderful. She continuously goes out of her way to make sure each and every one of her children in her care flourishes and reaches their full potential. She barely has a break during the school days and gets into school early and leaves a lot later than she often should and I have no doubt she also takes work home with her. She is swift to take action whenever it is required and her door is always open to parents and carers to discuss the progress of our children. My daughter absolutely adores her and is so keen to learn and I’ve no doubt that’s because of her teacher.  

Sally Carlton: My 7 year old son’s year two teacher was also my 20 year old son’s year two teacher! She has gone above and beyond to help my son excel in things that spark his interest and his creativity. She never fails to brighten his day, and he NEVER comes home feeling like he has ‘worked’ that day. Most recently, when I went to see her simply to ask her to highlight his worries about transitioning to junior school, a whole conversation came about in which she encouraged me to share concerns I had never been brave enough to voice before, and from those concerns, alongside a few details she had noticed, she encouraged me to see my GP and raise them there, as she thought it pointed to possible Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I went to my GP who fully agreed and has referred my son for assessment. His teacher was amazing – she said “I know he’s leaving me but don’t want anything to hold him back in his future.” As well as helping my son keep calm and help him manage the fuzziness in his his head and the burning in his belly (as he describes it), she comforted me when I cry too. All sorts of parents and children pass through her doors and she treats them all like this – she’s a real MOLO, and someone I very much look up to, and really rather like as well. I’d quite like to go for a wine with her!

Sarah Ilott: The first school my son went to destroyed his belief in himself. We moved 300 miles away and in the two years he’s been at his new school he has believed in himself and has confidence and ambition. His teacher is amazing. He even rang me on a Saturday to talk about my son.

Lynsey Richie: My son’s teacher is amazing. We were a military family and he started primary school in London. The teachers chopped and changed and I wasn’t overly impressed. We then moved back home to Scotland and my wee boy has blossomed before my eyes thanks to the amazing Mrs Nolan. It’s been a tough transition for my boys as their daddy is still in the army and lives in Belfast and doesn’t get home often. Plus I had another baby so BIG life changes for a 5/6 year old. Mrs Nolan has boosted his confidence, listened, supported and championed him. She’s always smiling and proof of how awesome she is – my son calls me Mrs Nolan on a regular basis. She has given my son a fantastic grounding and set him in the path to success! She is brilliant!

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Cara Howard: My daughter’s nursery teacher has been so helpful and supportive in pushing for a sensory processing disorder referral and diagnosis. She has adapted play to protect Chloe but also make her feel included and not dampen her feral spirit! We are so, so gutted that due to over subscribed London schooling we didn’t get a place for Reception, but we are on the list and hoping to get one in the future. We would love to be able to thank Katie for believing in Chloe and making her time there so amazing.

Imogen Dempsey: Mrs Grainger has been so lovely. My daughter has ENT issues and she’s been great at dealing with those and has also been teaching the children the Learning Tree which is about mindfulness/personal responsibility alongside the curriculum. She’s always so lovely and smiley and all the kids love her

Lucy Mulchinock: I would like to say #ThankYouTeacher because they took all my sons medical needs in their stride and put me totally at ease when I felt so scared for him to be away from me. 

Rebecca Kiran Gurnham: Having taught for ten years, I’m now on the other side for the first time, as a parent, appreciating the staff at my eldest’s school. My son is blessed with a wonderful team of early years teachers, especially his key worker, Mrs Thomas, who goes above and beyond what is needed to make the children in her care as happy and content as they could be. I had no idea how anxious parents could be as they watch their little ones move into independence and education but Mrs Thomas has always been there to greet us personally every day and talks to us with such positivity at every pick up. She tuned into our son’s passions and interests, to persevere with engaging him and making him feel excited and settled in the new settings. She even went home to learn more facts about dinosaurs and sea creatures to engage him in the next day’s activities.  She keeps an amazing record of all his achievements and challenges, making the most detailed scrap book to chart his progress, even typing up a long dialogue with another pupil to show how he’s grown in confidence. I never thought I’d go back to teaching, but Mrs Thomas has reminded me of how special that role is and my son adores her and we can’t thank her enough for her care and dedication.

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Alison McGarragh-Murphy

Alison McGarragh-Murphy writes and edits stuff for The Motherload, and is also a radio producer and broadcast journalist, a mum of two and a wife of one. Since becoming a mother she has (mostly) gladly swapped a busy social life of gigs, pubs, art galleries and museums for dancing in the kitchen, drinking on the sofa, finger painting and hanging out at the park. She talks incessantly about not having slept for five years. Follow Alison on Twitter @BertaFanta and on Facebook @ammblogs

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