The Motherload Recommends… 5 Compact Pushchairs For Your Toddler

The Motherload Recommends… 5 Compact Pushchairs For Your Toddler

If you have a toddler, you will be more than familiar with the force of a two year old’s will, especially at that exact moment you need to be somewhere, like yesterday. Before you know it, you are facing back-arching battles and pleading with your mini-me to ‘pleeeease get into the pushchair, darling‘ through gritted teeth as they vie for their independence and right to explore. You know that those little legs won’t make it far; but lugging around a heavy pram on the off-chance of it turning into a carriage fit for a Prince is quite another matter entirely.

MOLO Katie recently turned to the The Motherload® Community in the hope of recommendations for her daughter, who had just turned one. Anticipating a mixture of walking and riding, she was looking for a pushchair that would last and be compact when not in use. “I want a really really compact one. My daughter isn’t walking yet but my assumption was when she is she might want to mostly walk but if she got tired sit in pushchair. I just don’t want to waste money on something she’s likely not to use often!”

Here’s what the MOLOs recommended:

Bugaboo Bee 6

With a weight limit of up to 22kg, this isn’t just the most stylish pushchair of the pack – it’s a sensible choice that will last you firmly into toddler-hood. Featuring a super comfortable and compact design, light frame and one piece fold, the Bee has a lovely push with it’s bigger than average wheels. Especially fab for city-dwellers or those who will mainly using it around town, and nipping in and out of the car.

Heather said: Absolutely love my pushchair! One piece telescopic fold and pushes like an absolute dream. The new Bee 6 was launched back end of last year so you may be able to get some bargains on the 5 both new and preloved.

Buy now £689, Amazon

City Mini GT2

This pushchair got the major thumbs up on the thread for it’s one piece, one handed fold. MOLOs love that it works as well ‘off-road’ as it does to nip around the streets on the school run, or around the shops. It’s no surprise – the GT2 boasts large, air filled, all terrain tyres with all-wheel suspension. Folding couldn’t be easier – you just lift the straps of the pushchair with one hand and it all folds into itself! The seat makes for a comfortable ride and the canopy hood is extendable, UV50+, with two little covered ‘windows’ to check that your toddler isn’t attempting their latest houdini trick.

Charlotte said: ‘The City Mini GT will last until they are about 4, it lies flat, is great off road and folds with one hand. I love it!’

Buy now, £330, Amazon

Cosatto Whoosh XL

This pushchair receives regular MOLO love on our community. MOLOs love the design, the colour packs, the nea compact fold, the sturdiness of the pushchair often being surprising given the lightness of it. It typically lasted most owners until the age of 4, making it a really good budget buy for those with older toddlers – it can take up to 25kg weight. Add in one handed fold, and front and rear suspension for comfort, this little pushchair is a great buy. What’s more, if you have a newborn you can clip a car seat onto the frame using the adapters which are available to buy separately.

Heidi said: ‘I bought a Cosatto Whoosh XL that packs up really small and will last her until she’s about 4. My girlie is carried most of the time still but occasionally we use the Cosatto!’

Buy now, £199.95, Amazon

Babyzen Yoyo 2

The Babyzen Yoyo has been hot on the (w)heels of Bugaboo for some time – and it’s no surprise when the fold is so small that it can fit into the cabin luggage for super easy travelling. This one-handed fold, compact and easy-to-sling-over-shoulder (Yes! It has a shoulder carry strap!) is a great choice for toddlers because it’s so easy to light carry (only 6.1kg!), flip and flick out into it’s full position, and off you go. It can carry up to 22kg (EU regs), has the option of a whole rainbow of colour packs (bought separately) and for a nippy little stroller, the basket is roomy enough to warrant a trolley dash. The one-handed, featherlight steer is a godsend around tight shopping aisles and it comes with bassinet option too, for longevity in your family.

🌟 Kate’s Pick! 🌟 This is my personal favourite – we’ve had ours for two of our three children and it’s the stroller that just keeps on giving. We’ve kept it fresh with new colour packs over that time, but I love that we don’t have to worry about the pushchair when going on holiday, or packing the car up for a weekend away – it literally slides into the tiniest of gaps. The kids have all loved it and the 5 point harness means I know they are super secure, even as they get to that wriggler stage and the one handed steer is an absolute dream. Totally recommend this pushchair!

Buy now £399, Mamas & Papas

GB Gold Pockit Stroller

This is another of those often recommended pushchairs because of it’s ultra lightweight, teeny tiny fold. This is the lightest of all recommended compact strollers but it’s still as dutiful as they come, as it can take a full 22kg, while only weighing 5.6kg itself. With a five point harness, and decent basket for bits and bobs, and neat canopy, it’s a comfortable, all-terrain ride for your toddler. And it will last too – as you can buy adapters for a car seat and the Gold Cot to Go bassinet to use from birth. Nifty!

Claire said: ‘The Pockit is a brilliant compact stroller. Great for travelling and fitting in small boots!’

Buy now £190, Amazon

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