The Motherload’s Favourite Baby Bouncer is…

The Motherload’s Favourite Baby Bouncer is…

Cuddles, snuggles and sleepy snuffles are all lovely – but honestly, there are times when we just need our hands back for a second, even if it’s just to nip to the loo or get a drink!

Of course, all babies get to the slightly ‘nosier’ phase, shall we say, when they quite enjoy a few minutes away from you to learn about their surroundings. This is point most of us start looking at baby bouncers, but which – according to the MOLOs in The Motherload® Community – is the best?

So which is the best bouncer?

A recent thread by Kat asked “What baby bouncer/ chair do you recommend?’ and the response was overwhelmingly for just one – the Baby Bjorn bouncer:

You don’t need to buy brand new!

Some of our members had splurged on the bouncer, or – like I did – asked friends and family to club together for a gift. But many others had found their Baby Bjorn through preloved sites, eBay and Facebook Marketplace and had happily passed them to other mums after they had used and cleaned the bouncer – the fabric cover is easy to wash.

The MOLO’s said…

‘Definitely Baby Bjorn. Pricey but worth it. If you can pick up a second hand one, even better. I got mine on ebay for 50 quid!’

‘I’d agree with the Baby Bjorn. I bought mine secondhand off Facebook Marketplace. Turned out to be one of the best things I bought. So easy to transport and move round the house.’

‘Baby Bjorn! A bit pricier but we bought ours second hand, but tbh comparing it to others we’ve tried (my MIL has one, and when we’ve gone round friends houses) it’s definitely worth spending the extra. It lasts a bit longer as it’s quite long, and it just bounces really nicely’

‘Baby Bjorn, loved it with both my boys’

Buy now £148, Amazon

Best Budget Buy – Fisher Price

Of course, having a baby is an expensive business at the best of times. For a budget buy, the MOLOs thoroughly recommended the Fisher Price Basic Rocker with soothing vibrations. They loved the toy bar, the padded seat with ‘terrazzo print’, and their babies loved the vibrating mechanism with many easily soothed after a couple of minutes.

The MOLOs said:

‘I loved our Fisher Price bouncer – the basic one. Much cheaper than most and Jaxx loved the play bar on it!’

‘Fisher Price. It’s only about 30 quid, does everything you want a bouncer to do. My kids liked the vibration on it when they were babies too’

Buy now £38, Amazon

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