Things I Can Do With One Hand

Things I Can Do With One Hand

One, two,
Buckle my shoe

Three, four,
Answer the door,
To the Tesco delivery man.
And unpack the shopping whilst restraining over-enthusiastic spaniel with one leg

Five, six,
Pick up alphabet bricks.
And socks and muslins and rice cakes.
And a whole load of laundry from the washing machine.

Seven, eight,
Fold clothes straight.
Advanced level stuff.

Nine, ten,
I need a wee again:
Jeans down and up and button done up.
Bonus points for doing this in the dark without waking the small person in the crook of your arm.

Eleven, twelve,
Nothing bloody rhymes with twelve.
But with one hand, it turns out, I can write a little poem, as well…-ve.



About Helen Tourle

I live in Sheffield with my husband and a small menagerie, and we enjoy lots of outdoor adventures in the Peak District. I work for a wonderful charity very close to my heart called Cruse Bereavement Care. My rainbow baby son was born prematurely in August 2015.

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