This Mum Hack Could Break Your Windows!

This Mum Hack Could Break Your Windows!

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We all love a ‘Mum-hack’, right? Especially one that gives us more time in bed! 

The latest hack suggestion sweeping through parenting communities advises knackered parents with early risers to tape, stick, or wet tin foil, or a black bin bag to the window. Hopefully, this encourages kids to stay in bed a little longer than the usual 4am, 5am, bleurgh-am wake-ups by blocking out sunlight. Genius, right?

Why we don’t recommend this hack

Well, as much as we love the thinking behind it, this mum hack isn’t something that The Motherload® advises parents to try. One of our MOLOs, Adrienne, shared her experience in The Motherload® Community (see below). We did some research into whether this was a freak accident, or whether parents would benefit from reconsidering this tip.

Window Cover Crack

Adrienne’s hack to use tin foil as a cover over the window meant that the glass heated throughout the day as the sun shone. The effect is called ‘thermal stress‘. Thermal stress occurs when the temperature of the window increases, and results in fracturing and cracking – or as Adrienne referred to it, ‘popping’ of the glass. Any covering – whether a cheap hack like tin foil or a bin liner, window film, or blinds with suckers shouldn’t be left up permanently. Always remove the covering in the morning to allow the window to cool.

So what do we recommend?

So what do we recommend to block out those early morning sun rays? Anything temporary can do the job well. The MOLOs suggest the ‘Gro Anywhere Black Out Blind‘, but we also like this cheaper one from SacredWe – both of which are fixed via suckers on the window. Don’t forget to remove it when not in use! A blanket, or sheet can be an easy hack if you don’t want to buy anything extra.

Share this advice!

So next time you see someone recommending tin foil, or bin bags in the window, share this article! You could help save someone else’s windows from the same fate as Adrienne’s.

For hacks that won’t break your windows (or your bank account!) check out our brilliant MOLO hacks here:

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